Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Review - Nightshade by Michelle Rowen

I really enjoyed this book, I read it in one day and couldn't put it down until I had finished it. Jillian is a normal office worker out on the office coffee run when she is taken hostage by a mad scientist type and injected with an unknown serum just before he is shot dead by Declan the cold and cruel assassin who then kidnaps Jillian as the only link to the formula of the serum.

I had no idea at the start that Declan would turn out to be the hero, I was convinced he was the bad guy as he was so cold and scary, covered in scars and wore an eye patch he's not described initially as hero material. We find out that Declan is half vampire half human and has to take a serum of his own every three hours to repress his vamp "urges".

Jillian is a great character, she remains a normal office girl, terrified and out of her depth in the situation she finds herself in. She doesn't develop any super powers or muscles as a result of the serum which I found kind of refreshing. The serum does however have one main effect, it makes her a kind of weapon of mass destruction in the war against vampires. You see, the vamps are instantly attracted to her scent and can't resist drinking her blood, however when they do the vamps immediately breathe fire and then spontaneously combust. Which I found quite cool. Basically, the vamps want her dead sharpish and the mad scientists want to use her to kill off the head vamp Matthias.

Matthias the bad guy (or is he????) comes into the book towards the end which I thought was a shame as he was a great character. The ending is fast paced and exciting, and is left wide open for the next installment "Bloodlust" which should be out in July.

Overall I would give Nightshade 4 stars it had everything in it- evil mad scientists, a down to earth heroine, a cold and harsh hero who turns out to be rather hot when he is off the serum (and has a nice side- he loves his one eyed cat), a hint of a vampire secret society and loads of action. The romance between Jillian and Declan builds up nicely although its not all smooth sailing between them. I definitely want to read the sequel in July. Keeper shelf? Yes.


  1. I really need to read this! I've got it, just haven't got time to get to it. Great review though hun :) Donna x

  2. Thanks Donna. I have sooooo many books I want to read and just can't get to them all.


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