Thursday, 17 March 2011

Review - River Marked by Patricia Briggs

I loved Adam and Mercy in the previous books, I always wanted them to get together and when they did I wanted to read more about them being together. River Marked was pretty much all about Adam and Mercy so why didn't I love it? I enjoyed the surprise wedding and the initial part of the honeymoon but overall I missed Warren and the other wolves and I missed Stefan (his appearances were far too brief). My attention sort of dropped off about half way through , whilst the parts about Mercy's heritage were beautifully written by Patricia Briggs it slowed down the whole book for me, I need more action in my books.

Will I add it to my keeper shelf? Yes I will, but only because books 1-5 are already there and the tidy control freak part of me likes to have a full set of books. Will I pick it up again and re-read it? Have I folded down any pages to remind me of the "good bits" (and by that I mean smexy bits) No and No. Shame really, as I said I love Mercy and Adam but the most interesting part of this book was the cover.

3 stars (cos I'm generous)

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