Wednesday, 13 April 2011

My book boyfriend


My book boyfriend is a fun little feature I saw recently on The Unread Reader in a recent blog hop. Basically it's a chance to post about a fictional male character that makes me swoon/drool. Now I had to think really hard about this, not because I can't think of any but because I have LOADS of book boyfriends (they don't know about each other so it's ok!) Sometimes a new one will be added to my list when I've just finished a book with a yummy guy in it but my real favourite book boyfriends have been on my list for ages.

So, I decided to go with my all time favourite book boyfriend Barrons from Karen Marie Moning's Fever series. I love how Moning describes Barrons through Mac's eyes at the start of Dark Fever:

"He didn't just occupy space; he saturated it. The room had been full of books before, now it was full of him. About thirty, six foot two or three, he had dark hair, golden skin, and dark eyes. His features were strong, chiseled. " she explains: "He wore an elegant, dark grey Italian suit, a crisp white shirt, and a mutted patterened tie. He wasn't handsome. That was too calm a word. He was intensely masculine. He was sexual. He attracted. There was an omnipresent carnality about him, in his dark eyes, in his full mouth, in the way he stood."

Some of my favourite quotes in this series make drool.

"Barrons was powerful, broodingly good-looking, insanely wealthy, frighteningly intelligent, and had exquiste taste, not to mention a hard body that emited some kind of constant low-level charge. Bottom line: He was the stuff of heroes. And psychotic killers" (Faefever)

"As I moved deeper into the room, his gaze dropped to my feet, and worked its way back to my face. I was wearing faded jeans, boots and a snug pink Juicy T-shirt I got on sale at TJ Maxx last summer that said I'm a Juicy girl. "I bet you are," he murmured (Faefever)

"You're leaving me Rainbow girl" (Dreamfever) That line gets me everytime!!!
"He pulls me around and kisses me. "You're Mac" he says. "And I'm Jericho." And nothing else matters. Never will. You exist in a place that is beyond all rules for me. Do you understand that?" I do. Jericho Barrons just told me he loves me. (Shadowfever)

"When you know who I am. Let me be your man" Swoooooon!!!!!!

The model David Gandy is the perfect Barrons for me (apart from his baby blue eyes) double swoon!

Who is your number one book boyfriend?


  1. I would have to agree. I have not found a character that I am more in love with. I am head over heels in love with jericho Barrons. I could reread that series over and over just to get more of him. I hate that it is over. :( I want more!

  2. I do the same, I just re read the JZB bits again and again and again. He's my number one book boyfriend EVER!

    So glad you agree!

  3. MM just has a way with characters. have you read her other books? I was the same with Adam but not nearly as strong as with Jericho.

  4. RAWR!

    Barrons is the sex appeal x 1000! I mean there are just no words to describe his presences.

    Love those quotes. JZB was the best thing about the Fever series.

  5. Jilly I agree about Adam from KMMs Highlander series I think he was the most stand outish of all the Highlanders but he's nothing on Barrons!

    Missie and a simple love of reading- glad you agree! I'm already thinking about who I will have next week.


  6. A very swoon-worthy version of Barrons. Hm... normally I'm fighting Missie for JZB since I claim he is in my man harem. I so hate to share. ;)

  7. I haven't read this but he's definitely worth a swoon (or two)!

  8. OMG!! You have no idea how I get this!! I am currently dating Jericho Barrons (in my dreams) I am in book three of the series thus far! And I am in LOVE!! Love the post!!

  9. P.S in answer to the question! Jericho YES! but my other book boyfriend is Adam from the Mercy Thompson series *sigh*

  10. CJ- Good choice with Adam he is soooo yummy too!

    Belle- you NEED to read the Fever series it is ace!

  11. Nice pictures! I LOVED the fever series, I think I was in a daydream the whole time I was reading those books. Which wasn't long because I just couldn't put them down! Barrons= yum!

  12. I read the books after having watched a fan made vid on yt, which starred David Gandy as JB, so that's who became MY Barron when i started the books.And after finishing the whole series in less than a week(yes, obsessive that way) i realised i owed the maker of that vid! big Time!
    DG is PUrrrrfect as Barrons and Barrons personifies the badboy alpha male to the tee.
    Lucky lucky Mackayla...sigh...


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