Monday, 25 April 2011

Review - The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong

Sixteen year old Maya lives with her adopted parents in a tiny medical-research community on Vancouver Island. Strange things have been happening in town- unexplained deaths, mountain lions have been approaching Maya and her best friend Daniel has hidden talents, new bad boy in town Rafe has a dangerous secret and Maya has a strange paw print birthmark.

I really loved this book it grabbed my attention from the outset although I will admit I am probably a bit biased as I love Kelley Armstrong's adult series as well as her other YA series The Darkest Powers. The Gathering is structured like a first book in a trilogy so there is an enormous cliff hanger which I found tantalising although the impatient part of me wants the second book now! I was really hooked, it's a big epic mystery that really kept me guessing throughout.

The characters as in all Kelley Armstrong books are fabulous. Maya is a very likeable, strong and smart girl next door type but with her paw print birthmark and befriending of a mountain lion and various other animals it is pretty obvious she is special. Also pretty special is her best friend Daniel he's protective and sweet but with a little hint of alpha about him. New bad boy in town Rafe had real hidden depths and Maya's parents kept me laughing.

I cannot wait for the next book, if you enjoyed Kelley Armstrong's Darkest Powers series then you will love this too. It's a 5 from me and a definite addition to the keeper shelf like all of Kelley Armstrong's books.


  1. I love kelley armstrong. I cant wait for all the characters to meet!

  2. I think we have really similar taste Jilly and a mutual love of Barrons!!

  3. I love Kelley's books and have this on my pile, but I think I'm going to wait until I have all three books and read the whole trilogy without waiting! :-)

  4. I really loved this book too- I already can't wait for the next one.
    (Plus, can I just agree with the shared love of Barrons- phroah!)


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