Saturday, 2 April 2011

Review- Lover Unleashed by J.R. Ward

I love the BDB series, I have read them all numerous times (Zsadist is my favourite though) so I was waiting with baited breath for Lover Unleashed to magically appear on my kindle.

This is Manny and Payne's book, except it isn't really, it's more about Payne's twin brother Vishous which is good because we all love V.

Payne has been seriously injured in a sparing session with Wrath (he's blind he didn't really mean it...) so Doc Jane drafts in Manny her old boss to operate on Payne. Manny immediately has a brother like "MINE" reaction to Payne when he sees her for the first time which V being the over protective brother, doesn't like at all.

As Payne fails to heal and has to contemplate life without the use of her legs, V really struggles to deal with this and the involvement of Doc Jane his shellan in Payne's ultimate decision pushes him over the edge. Much of the story centers on V's background- his horrific upbringing with his father the Bloodletter and his strained newish relationship with his mother the Scribe Virgin as well as his relationship with his newly found sister Payne all of this combined affects his ongoing up and down relationship with Doc Jane. As a result, I think readers would need to have read V's book before much of this would make any sense.

Manny and Payne's story was often secondary at times, which I found quite frustrating. I wanted more. More of Payne being the kick ass chick we caught glimpses of in the previous book. She didn't get to kick much ass until the end (which is fair enough she was recovering from an operation I suppose!) I also wanted much, much more of yummy Manny, a character I hadn't really thought much about in V's book but I realise now all the signs were there about him. (ohhh cyptic!)

I also wanted more of Qhuinn and Blay. There is obviously more to come from them- a novella has been suggested by Ward. There is an interesting premonition about Layla that again suggests a future story, the small glimpses of this were tantalising if a little bit frustrating.

Also missing was more about the other brothers, I thought Murdher would have made an appearance as was hinted in the previous book. There was little involvement from the lessers which is good as I tend to skip over their bits anyway. The introduction of Xcor (and his band of newish brothers perhaps?) was good and I hope they feature more in the next book. One criticism was that at times it seemed there were too many story lines going on which took away from Manny and Payne's story. I had no idea what new guy Veck's storyline was about. why yes, I was rather. Perhaps like Xcor it was Ward setting up new future characters.

Overall, I really enjoyed it although it took me a while to get into it and I had to get past the numerous "verily" and "mayhaps." I was confused at parts (hey, its easily done!) with the multiple story lines but ultimately the book brought V, Doc Jane and Butch's story to a satisfying conclusion and it sets us up nicely with new characters.

I would give Lover Unleashed 4 stars. Keeper shelf? Why of course it is J.R. Ward!


  1. Great review Lesley. I think I need to try these books. I can't remember if I tried the first one and didn't get into it, it was a few years ago but thinking I should try again. Donna x

  2. Thanks Donna. You should definitely add the series to your ever growing TBR list. You will get to it eventually!


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