Friday, 20 May 2011

Follow me Friday, book blogger hop

It's Follow Friday! 

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This weeks featured blog is Ninja Girl from Ninja Girl Reads

This weeks question:
 It's circle time. Time for us to open up and share. Can you tell us FIVE quirky habits or things about you? We all have them...

1. When I'm not reading I'm researching my family tree- it's quite easy to trace your family tree in Scotland as we have amazingly well preserved records I've founds loads of skeletons in my family cupboard!
2. I'm really, really scared of clowns (so is Johnny Depp so I am in good company)
3. My elbow was once on television (you might not recognised it, it was my left elbow after all...)
4. I read Pride and Prejudice at least once every 3 months and have done since I was about 12.
5. I've taken the 31st of May off work to read Kiss of Snow- I've told them I have a longstanding "appointment"  (it kind of is, I've been wanting to read it for ages!)

Book Blogger Hop

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This weeks question is:
If you were given the chance to spend one day in a fictional world (from a book) which book would it be from and what would that place be?

I think I would like to have a look at post walls Dublin from Karen Marie Moning's Shadowfever, it sounded terrifying but I would quite like to have Barrons protecting me!

Happy Friday everybody! 


  1. Hi there!
    I am with you and Johnny on the clow aversion. Those things aren't just creepy. They're frightening! And you know, I've always wanted to research my family tree. Geneology is so interesting and I know next to nothing about my heritage (just up to my great grandparents) Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!
    Going off to follow you,
    Ninja Girl

  2. Hi & Happy Friday!

    I am a new follower :)

    Family trees are fascinating.

    My answers for this week hops are at

    Have a nice weekend.

  3. Number 5 made me chuckle! :)


    Please feel free to stop by my blog -

  4. I love that you are taking a day off work so that you can read a long awaited book. Amused me no end. I did it with one of the HP books (before I worked with books and then had no choice but to work those days).

  5. Lol great answers Lesley. Mine are posted on the blog :) Donna x

  6. I would like to have Barrons protecting me too!

  7. Hi!
    I'm a new follower, GFC inga.
    It was interesting to read your answers. Thanks for sharing!

    My answers for both questions can be found here:

    Come and take a look!

    inga from

  8. Coming through on the blog hop. My reply is very mundane in comparison to others!

  9. New follower...Love your quirky habits! Stop by and visit at


  10. Hi, I'm an old follower hopping through to wish you a happy Friday. I have never officially taken a day off work to read - but then again I am for the most part a work from home mom so I'm sure I have put of working in order to have reading time!

  11. Love your quirks, these are great. Pride and Pred=totally worth reading on a regular basis. Requesting off work to read Kiss of Snow, totally appropriate! Gotta love our books, right? Anyhow, happy FF, here’s my link:

  12. I don't really like clowns either. I'm not scared of them, but I think they're creepy.

  13. Taking a day off to read is an awesome idea.

  14. New follower dropping through! Wow you must really be an avid reader to take off work...but it's always a great way to spend the day! 3 cheers for READERS! Have a good one!

  15. I'm currently researching my family tree as well. There are so many interesting stories and facts that I have learnt through doing this, it's great! I'm currently awaiting a birth certificate of a great grandmother - or what we think is hers, because we have no idea who she was before she moved to my village!
    I'm scared of clowns as well. Evil creatures, they really are.

    Have a great weekend!
    Books of Amber

  16. I’ve seen a lot of great picks and gathered some fresh titles to add to my ever-growing TBR list. My answer will probably stun most people because the world I picked is a place most people would be scared to death of and try to escape from. Me? I want in.

    Hop on over to my blog and be prepared for the unexpected –

    Howard Sherman

  17. Clowns can definitely be creepy! Love that your left elbow was on TV once as well. ;) And that you've taken off work to read! Totally understandable though. ;)

    My quirky list can be found here!

    Rebecca @ kindle fever

  18. LOL on a protector...that is always good.

    I would want to be in Louise Penny's fictional city of Three Pines.

    Stop by my blog if you like.


  19. Hopping through. I just read the first Karen Moning book. I can't wait to read more of their Dublin world.
    My IMM

  20. Hi, NF from the hop. Looks like we enjoy similar reads. I spent a week in Glasgow many years ago and have great memories of the many wonderful places we visited: The Burrell collection, the University, The Charles Rennie Mackintosh House, Loch Katrine (St Katrine?).Lovely place.
    Drop on by: <a href="”)> Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust</a>

  21. Oooh, I have family roots in Scotland. I think I need to visit. For research purposes, you know? And because it looks absolutely beautiful there :)

    Glad to have found you via the Hop!

  22. Hello!
    I want to see your elbow!! Where can I see it! My teacher was in a movie once and I didn't notice until she pointed it out to me.
    ~Happy Reading!~


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