Wednesday, 11 May 2011

My book boyfriend #5

It's Wednesday which means it's book boyfriend day. I love Wednesday's now they are my favourite. My book boyfriend is a fab feature which began over at The Unread Reader and it's a chance for us to drool/swoon over our favourite fictional characters and gaze longingly at pictures of our favourite naked man chests.

This week I had a book boyfriend all planned out but then I read Divergent on Sunday and EVERYTHING changed. I had to, and I mean I had to, have Four from Divergent by Veronica Roth as this week's book boyfriend. If you haven't read it yet I suggest you do and quickly, it is amazing and easily one of the best new books so far this year (in my humble opinion). I have a copy which I am giving away to one lucky follower if you don't have it yet see HERE for details on how to enter. (It's an easy peasy giveaway as I am dead lazy)

So, Four. Phew, he's mysterious, tough, intelligent, lethal and more importantly he is hot! He kind of reminded me a little bit of Dimitri from Vampire Academy which is why I think he is sooooo yummy.
Four is described as having "eyes so deep-set that his eyelashes touch the skin under his eyebrows, and they are dark blue, a dreaming, sleeping, waiting colour."

This picture is Four for me. (he's a model I think)

There are loads of swoon worthy scenes in Divergent but I don't want to spoil it too much for those who haven't read it yet.

"You belong here, you know that?" he says. "You belong with us. It'll be over soon, so just hold on okay?"
He scratches behind his ear and looks away, like he's embarrassed by what he said.
I stare at him. I feel my heartbeat everywhere, even in my toes. I feel like doing something bold, but I could just as easily walk away. I am not sure what option is smarter, or better. I am not sure that I care.
I reach out and take his hand. His fingers slide between mine. I can't breathe.
I stare up at him, and he stares down at me. For a long moment, we stay that way."

"He gives me a conflicted look and touches his lips to my forehead, right between my eyebrows. I close my eyes. I don't understand this, whatever it is. But I don't want to ruin it, so I say nothing. He doesn't move; he just stays there with his mouth pressed to my skin, and I stay there with my hands on his waist, for a long time."

"He turns towards me. I want to touch him, but I'm afraid of his bareness; afraid that he will make me bar too. "Is this scaring you, Tris?"
"No" I croak. I clear my throat. "Not really. I'm only... afraid of what I want."
"What do you want?" Then his face tightens. "Me?"
Slowly I nod.
He nods too, and takes my hands in his gently. He guides my palms to his stomach. His eyes lowered, he pushes my hands up, over his abdomen and over his chest, and holds them against his neck. My palms tingle with the feel of his skin, smooth, warm. My face is hot, but I shiver anyway. He looks at me.
"Someday" he says, "if you still want me, we can..." He pauses, clears his throat. "We can..."
I smile a little and wrap my arms around him before he finishes, pressing the side of my face to his chest. I feel his heartbeat against my cheek, as fast as my own."

Swoon worthy or what???


  1. So excited for this book to arrive in my mailbox! Sounds brilliant!

  2. Looks like an excellent read--I love your description of his personality, the pic you chose and the quotes you highlighted. :)

  3. Divergent is on everyone's lists this week so I think you are going to have a very popular boyfriend!

    The personality is what would get him into boyfriend status--love a guy like that :)

  4. Gahhhh! So swoon worthy! If I wanted to read Divergent before, now I really can't wait because I have to meet this Four!

  5. I just bought this book because Veronica is coming to my Chapters (Canadian bookstore) next Wednesday! I definitely can't wait to read this one now!

  6. I need this book like yesterday! Oh man... he is very swoon-worthy! Me like a lot! *drool*

  7. I just purchased this book and started reading it last night! Oh how I wish I wasn't at work today!!! It's cold raining and miserbale...perfect book reading weather! *sigh* I will have to wait till tonight to curl up with Four! After reading this I really can't wait!

  8. Cool pick! I've been wanting to read this book for awhile, but I'm definitely going to have to bump it up my TBR list.

    My Book Boyfriend

  9. Oh my gosh I can't wait to read this!!!! And he is oh-so swoon worthy, fantastic choice of book boyfriends this week:)

  10. EEEEP. I feel like I'm missing out!!! I better bump up Divergent to the top of my TBR soon!


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