Wednesday, 18 May 2011

My book boyfriend #6

It's book boyfriend day! Woo hoo!! My book boyfriend started over at The Unread Reader, its basically an opportunity for me to drool over my favourite fictional male characters and show you the swoon worthy scenes that I love the most.

This week I have chosen Judd Lauren from Nalini Singh's Caressed by Ice which is part of her amazing psy/changeling series. If you haven't read this I would absolutely recommend them, I think I've read Caressed by Ice roughly about four bazillion times.

Judd was an Arrow, an elite soldier in the Psy council ranks trained from early childhood to be a merciless killer. He's cold, super intelligent, aloof and lethal and has been trained not to feel any emotions. He is described as "dangerous maleness."
To protect his family Judd had to drop out of the evil psy net and has taken refuge with the Snow dancer wolves. Judd is involved in rescuing one of the female young wolves Brenna who had been abducted by an evil Psy serial killer. Judd is the only one who can help Brenna piece her life back together and she slowly starts to melt ice man Judd. 

His hand curled into a fist on the carpet. "Then if you don't find me attractive, why are you staring?"

"I didn't say that." Brenna's voice had grown darker, hungrier.
 "If pretty was all you were, I wouldn't be so fascinated. You have dangerous eyes, a stubborn jaw, the body of a soldier, and the mind of a hunter. That, my darling Psy," she whispered, "makes you a gorgeous, sexy package I want to lick from head to toe."

"You're the strongest, most determined woman I know" He placed his fingers along the strnads of her hair. "You'd make mincemeat out of a lesser man. It's a good thing you belong to me."

Relief almost collapsed her knees. "Not funny."

"I'm serious." Something very male moved over his face. "If you say yes now, I won't let you go if you decide I'm not what you want later on down the road. You say yes, you say yes forever. Be sure"

For a single taut second, she was afraid of the possession in that voice, the implacability in his eyes. Judd was no tame wolf who would do whatever she wanted. He was complicated and dominant and more than a little bad.

He kissed the shell of her ear. "No more tears. Ever."

"Sorry honeypie, but I'm a wolf. We're temperamental- get used to it."

"Not that one. I'll accept darling and even baby, " he said, feeling something unclench in his chest at hearing her sound like herself again, "but never honeypie."

"Babycakes?" She rubbed her face against his chest.
"Now you're just being mean"
She laughed and it was the best sound he'd heard in eternity.

I think the model Cory Bond would be a perfect Judd Lauren, hot or what?


  1. I have got to read NS, I have heard nothing but good things about her writing :)

    Gotta love a guy who thinks the best sound he has heard in eternity is his gals laugh! I love that she called him babycakes *aww*

  2. Is is appropriate to just say “yumm?” I read the first book in the series, I have so many to catch up on, do you think this series would be okay to read out of order…sometimes it’s just so hard to get and read them IN ORDER

  3. Great quotes...they are pretty drool worthy!

  4. Ooo I have a few from this series but haven't read them yet. he does sound super yummy though

  5. I SO need to get into this series. Oh and TY TY TY! for the shirtless pics. ;)

  6. That last quote was so cute hehe. I am going to try and remember this meme next week. It looks like so much fun!

    Great post


  7. Never read this book, but I love the pictures :)

    And as for what you posted on my blog, yup, us American girls are crazy about Scottish accents. It's part of the reason I fell in love with the place when I visited a few years ago. I'm jealous you live there.

  8. Wow. So hot. And yet another series I need to bump up on my TBR list. Great pick! :)

    My Book Boyfriend

  9. Girl! This is so being added to my TBR. Hotness! Check out mine, if you would - The book Drogo is so much better than the HBO series

    Reading Lark's Book Boyfriend

  10. Holy Smokes! Now I want to lick Judd from head to toe. *blushes*


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