Wednesday, 29 June 2011

My book boyfriend #10

It's Wednesday which means it's book boyfriend day. My book boyfriend began over at The Unread Reader and has now pretty much taken over my Wednesday's. Every Wednesday I drool over a fictional male character and rack my brains to think of what yummy person I will use in pictures to make everyone else drool too.

This week I have picked one of my favourites- Terrible from Stacia Kane's Downside Ghosts series.
If you haven't read this series then hang you head in shame because it is amazing and is one of the best series EVER. I read the series last year and honestly for ages afterwards every other book I picked up just paled in comparison, I had to keep going back to my favourite bits time and time again I really did have Terrible Fever.

Why I love Terrible
1. He's a tough enforcer for local drug dealer Bump
2. He is enormous, packed with muscle
has mutton chop sideburns and wears bowling shirts
3. He drives a 1969 Chevelle 
(I'm from the UK I didn't even know what that was
I had to google it)
4. He's protective and loyal
5. He thinks he isn't smart enough for Chess
6. There are numerous fabulously steamy scenes in the series, I particularly love the bathroom scene and have those pages folded down for "ease of reference"

When I picture Terrible in my head I always picture
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
 (I think its the sideburns that do it)

"I figure you really wanted me you'd say. Like now, maybe if you dig. I'll fuckin carry you down your place on a run, you tell me aye, get you on your back afore the next word comes out your mouth. But you oughta have yourself certain, causen I ain't lookin for charity, an I ain't lettin you go after. Once... once ain't enough for me dig?"

His hand cupped the back of her neck, pulling her to him in one quick forceful movement; she barely had time to register it before his lips met hers. No anger lurked in that kiss, none of the confusion she'd felt from him before. It was like the first kiss at Trickster's, like the second on the rooftop: just the two of them, with nothing in between. Nothing in the way.
Both bottles fell from her hands; dimly she heard them land, heard foam spread across the floor and felt it licking cold on her bare feet. She couldn't have cared less. She wound her arms around his neck and pressed herself against him, solid and warm and real. His hands fisted in her hair, pulling it back so he could stroke his fingers over her collarbone, sending little shivers through her.
He lifted his head to look at her. Giving her his eyes, giving her what was behind them. "You know I do, aye? Love you right Chessiebomb." 

I melt into a puddle of goo when he calls Chess Chessiebomb, I really do.

One more picture of a sweaty mean scowly looking Hugh Jackman, no reason really.....


  1. Hugh is such a hunk! YUM. WHY haven't I picked this series up yet?! It sounds great

  2. *hangs head in shame* Great pick!

  3. I haven't read this series but wow! Hugh is one great guy!! :)

  4. I like a man who drives a vintage muscle car so Terrible sounds like my kind of guy. Great pick.

  5. Oh I have this on my tbr... all 3! Oh after I read this you might want to keep a closer watch on Hugh/Terrible! ;D

  6. OH BOY!

    I do believe these are NOW MUST READS! I will be thinking of Hugh Jackman all the time :) He does make one sexy sweaty man LOL

  7. O_o_o! I LOVE Terrible, he is such a great character! :)) Fantastic choice and I would totally go with Hugh Jackman as him...

  8. Now that you pointed it out I can definitely picture Terrible as Hugh Jackman. I freaking love this series! And Terrible is just so sweet, he's always there for Chess when she needs him (remember the bathroom scene in Pyles House). And yes the other bathroom scene was *hawt.

    Great Choice!


  9. Chessiebomb! <3 Love him! and I love that he said "dig" LOL!

  10. *hangs head in shame*

    Lesley, please forgive me, but I haven't read the series yet. But I already know all about Terrible and how yummy he is. He's a popular guy and word gets around.

    Chessiebomb has to be the cutest nickname ever! Great choice.

  11. I haven't read this series yet. Sigh. BUT if Hugh reminds you of this character then I think I best pick this series up. I do love me some Hugh! SIGH!
    Great MBB this week :)

  12. Ok I worship at the altar of Hugh Jackman/Wolverine...sigh.

    I wanted to tell you that I checked out Nalini Singh books because of your reviews/blog and I loved them. Thank you! Now I have a whole world of new reading material to get through.

  13. I love Trouble, too, but if he continues to punish Chess because of Lex, I might just change my mind.

  14. Ooo, I have yet to read any of this series, but I do like some berserker Hugh...yum! :)


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