Monday, 25 July 2011

It's Monday what are you reading?

I've had loads of time to read this week as I have been in bed with a cold and generally weezing like an old man so I've been catching up on all the books that have been on my shelf for a while and have put them up for swop on RISI and UK Book Swop.

I'm currently reading

I'm over half way through, it's okay so far a bit slow but I am persevering as it's one of my Net Galley books that I have been meaning to read for a while.

I finished
Quite a few actually and now have loads of reviews to catch up on. I absolutely loved Saving Francesca and I am hoping my postman delivers The Piper's Son sharpish or I will explode.

Next up
I plan to read a few of my Net Galley books

However, I have a few books ordered and heading my way so if they arrive I will ditch all previous plans and read the one with the nicest cover as usual!

What are you reading?


  1. I just recently read A Beautiful Dark and I have to admit I really liked it. And I really need to read The Mephisto Covenant and Eve as well, and preferably during this week, because I'll be on vacation in the beginning of August and I can only read my eGalleys on my laptop. :D


    P.s.: Reading the book with the prettiest cover is a very good solution. I tend to do that as well. :D

  2. Oh what great looking reads. Eve looks fantastic! Hope you are feeling better!

  3. You current read seems interesting and I want to read the ones on your 'next list' too!
    New follower :)

  4. Looks like you've got some good read coming up. I love what you said about covers though. I have a tendency to do the same thing.

  5. I really want to read A Beautiful Dark! i didn't realize it was on Netgally - I'll have to look for it. Your "next" reads are on my to-read shelf as well. Hope you enjoy!

    New follower :)

    Christin @ Portrait of a Book

  6. Some good looking books here! Enjoy!

  7. pretty covers. The wackiest book I'm reading this week is Bagelmania. Please come see what else I'm reading.

  8. Enjoy your reading week. Here's mine:

  9. You've certainly got lots to choose from! Good luck!

    Here's my It's Monday! What Are You Reading?! And don't forget to enter my July giveaway!

  10. I just finished reading 'The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane' and absolutely loved it!! Next, I have two older books, 'Frankenstein' and 'War of the Worlds' to read this week.

    Just added a few of your books to my wish list, they sound great!

    Happy reading!


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