Wednesday, 27 July 2011

My book boyfriend # 12

Yay for book boyfriend day! My book boyfriend began over at The Unread Reader and has now pretty much taken over my Wednesday's. Every Wednesday I drool over a fictional male character and rack my brains to think of what yummy person I will use in pictures to make everyone else drool too.

My book boyfriend this week is Sed from Rock Hard by Olivia Cunning. This book is the second in the series and is completely HAWT. It's not for the faint hearted there are tonnes of full on and I mean COMPLETELY FULL ON sex scenes and sweary words but it's also hilariously funny and brilliant. Sed is the mega famous rock god and lead singer of The Sinners, he's a head strong, domineering chick magnet but underneath he's actually a sweet, talented song writer who is protective of those he loves. He never really got over feisty Jessica his ex-fiancee and has been on the road with his band for two years getting up to all sorts of shenanigans but Jessica comes back into his life and spends the summer with the band and they fall in love again.

"Just leave me alone Sed. You're the last person on Earth I want to see right now."
She was the only person on Earth he wanted to see. Ever.
He let her pass and entered the bathroom, closing the door quietly. He didn't really need to use the bathroom. He'd just wanted to be near her. Even if she did sprout her hatred at him. Hatred was better than nothing. Hatred he could deal with. He couldn't deal with nothing. He'd tried to deal with nothing for two years. It never went away. Just sat there inside his chest as a big empty hole.

"I still hate you," she said. "That doesn't seem to stop me from wanting you, though."
"So, this is just about-"
"Sex, Sedric. Nothing more."
Could he have a purely sexual relationship with Jessica? He had no problem having that kind of relationship with dozens of other women, so why was he hesitating with her? Because she was different.
She could hurt him.
She did hurt him.
Just looking at her hurt. When he couldn't see her, it hurt. When he thought about her, it hurt. When he tried not to think about her, it hurt. But which hurt more, being with her or being without her?"
The entire time his internal battle raged, she just stared up at him, waiting for him to make the next move. His hand trembled as he lifted it to cup her jaw. His thumb brushed across her lips. Should he kiss her? She wouldn't realise that he hadn't kissed another woman since he'd fallen in love with her. Maybe his body had cheated, but his heart never had. 

"Tomorrow was my second chance to make things right but it never came. I’m sorry I never treasured the time we had for those regrets I take the blame. You gave everything you had. I took without giving back."

Sed paused in his song, feeling ridiculous for singing it to her while they made love.
“Baby, you realize this song is about Trey’s dead dog, don’t you?"

I have no idea who the male model in the pictures actually is I just saw the pictures and immediately thought hot rock god. *fans self*


  1. Um, YUM! OK I totally need to read this. Like, now. Thanks for the intro! ;-)

  2. Wooo Hawtttt! That model is FIIIINNEEEE....I so gotta check these books out....asap

  3. Ooooh I am totally going to steal your book boyfriend (no offence) I am going to steal him as soon as I read this series. Hawt you say? Oh I think I can handle it *sigh* Love Wednesdays!

  4. I have both of these books on my kindle --may have to bump them up on a TBR if I am going to get those kind of visuals :)

  5. WOW!! Those pictures are not right!! Not when I want to crawl in them and see those tattoos close up...:D

  6. LOVE the Sinners!! Crazy hot (love your pics!) I've been counting down to book 3, it's taking too long!

  7. ZOMG! That is model Nicholas Lemons, and I'm so crazy in love with him! LOL

    He definitely looks like a rock star and a sinner.

    Must read these books asap.

  8. Oh my gawd! That's seriously hot. Totally going to read this series!

  9. Missie you have just made my day I just googled Nicholas Lemons and OMG there's tonnes of hot pictures.

  10. HOT!!! All about the musicians! For heaven's sake, a couple are in my lust bank 0:-)

    Whenever we get our next paycheck, I think I'm going to have to track down these books and read them!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    sinn @ sinnful books

  11. Oh nice choice! I have the first on my tbr... I need to read that. Oh and that last quote: LOL :)

    Thankies for the shirtless pics!! :D

  12. I love your pick for Sed especially your top picture. HAWT just like Sed in the book (he is my favourite so far in the series). He definitely is one sexy lead singer :)

  13. Wonderful! Terrific!
    Great post! Great review!

  14. That top pic is my favorite because OH EM GEE, I want to jump on that man and feel that tatto...okay, and possibly his ENTIRE FREAKING BODY! *licks lips* It's a little hot in here *fans self with hand*. I must read this series...I do like me some HAWT sex scenes!

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