Tuesday, 6 September 2011

My book boyfriend #17

My book boyfriend is hosted by Missie over at The Unread Reader. Every week I drool over a fictional male character and rack my brains to think of what yummy person I will use in pictures to make everyone else drool too.

This week's hot and steamy and a little bit veiny (if you look at the cover picture) book boyfriend is Gavin from Changing The Game by Jaci Burton, the second book in her play by play series.

Gavin is a famous, hot and rather muscely professional baseball player who has an off season no strings attached affair with his sports agent Liz. In the previous book The Perfect Play she was an evil money grabbing, attention seeking agent, however, in Changing the Game we see a softer more vulnerable side to Liz and in time they realise they actually have feelings for each other after copious amounts of steamy scenes of course. Despite knowing nothing about baseball I enjoyed the story *ahem* and decided Gavin would make a lovely sporty book boyfriend.

There was just something about him. Maybe it was his dark good looks, his mesmerizing green eyes, the way his dark brown hair fell over his brow, or the sexiness of his goatee. Maybe it was his lean body that he honed into shape with daily workouts at the gym and playing noncompetitive sports outside his own sport of baseball. Maybe it was the way he catered to kids on the ball field, always taking the time to sign autographs or stop and talk to them. He was a big kock and worth millions, but he'd never developed a giant ego about it like many of her clients did. He was a genuinely nice guy.

But what she loved about him was his smile. There was something wickedly devilish about Gavin's smile. It was a secret, mature kind of smile that made a woman want to know what he was thinking about.

"Why do you continue to put up with me, Gavin?"
He shrugged and took the cup from her, sipping the hot chocolate. "You're a challenge, Lizzie. I do like a challenge."
"I'm a giant problem for you."
He handed her cup back. "Yeah."
He pulled her against him, and she laid her head against his chest and stared outside.
"I think you're worth fighting for, Elizabeth. Even if I'm fighting you for you."
She didn't know what to say to that.
No one had ever fought for her before.
She didn't think she was worth it.

"I probably shouldn't tell you this, but all I've done is think about you."
He liked hearing it. "Why shouldn't you tell me? I've thought about you, too. I think you probably have about fifty text messages from me."
She shuddered out a sigh. "I know. I saved them all. I feel like a teenager. How pathetic am I?"
"I should probably just dump my balls into your hand."
"I should hand over my feminist card because they're going to kick me out of the club."
He laughed, swept her into his arms, and carried her up the stairs to her bedroom...

Thanks to the very very VERY gorgeous Noah Mills for taking his shirt off a lot and showing us that weird branding thing on his arm all in the name of fashion. God bless male models that's what I say.


  1. Now that's a way to start the new day. Is it very wrong that I spend more time staring at the pictures than reading those quotes? :D
    Thanks for sharing. This definitely looks like a series I need to check out. :D


  2. Awwww, I love that last scene. Both of them admitting they're crazy about each other.

    And yes, Thank You Noah for being gorgeous and smexy and filling the role of Gavin perfectly!

  3. Oooh I've been wanting to read this!!! And my week is all twisted bc of the holiday! I even remembered we were doing it on Tuesday! I just forgot TODAY was Tuesday!

  4. Oh my! I am drooling. Those pic and quotes makes me want to run off and buy this book now. Love your pick this week :)

  5. Excuse me while I go have a cold shower. He is very steamy :D

  6. Wow! I'm adding this to my TBR! That last quote clinched it for me lol. *le sigh*. Nice pick Lesley! Well done!

  7. Oooh...I likey! Need to read this asap!

  8. holy veinage on that cover! :)

    I think I need to add this book to my tbr :)

  9. *sigh* Love the quotes! Great pick this week.

    Here's mine: http://simpleloveofreading.blogspot.com/2011/09/my-book-boyfriend-33.html


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