Wednesday, 3 August 2011

July RAK thank you!

I just want to say a belated thank you to two lovely ladies who gave me these fantastic RAK's in July.
Donna over at Book Passion for Life sent me 13 Little Blue Envelopes By Maureen Johnson
Maricar over at Blackplume sent me TenThings We Did by Sarah Mlynowski, GraveMinder by Melissa Carr and Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin.

 I sent out a few RAK's too:

Ashley at The Bookish Brunette- Beauty Queens
Lori at Pure Imagination - The Duff
Donna at Book Passion for Life- Crush Control
Maricar at Black Plume- Forgotten and Perfect Chemistry
Jade at Ink Scratchers- Perfect Chemistry
(and yes I love Perfect Chemistry so much I sent out 2 copies)

I'm also in the process of sending a few books to my pal C.J Duggan she's an Australian Independent writer and blogger who is currently writing her first book "This Life" I had the pleasure of reading the first 2 chapters a few months ago and they were AWESOME. She also has a really fab blog that I follow religiously as it's hilariously funny and makes me laugh out loud (and sometimes choke on hot beverages whilst laughing- this has happened on more than one occasion you would think I would have learned to avoid hot beverages whilst reading her blog, but no).

Anyhoo, I'm sending on a permanent RAK holiday to Australia a couple of books namely Delirium, The Goddess Test, Rules of Attraction and Endless Summer and a little taste of Scotland (I hope it gets through Customs eeekkk).

To sign up for the August RAK sign up and fab giveaway head to BookSoulmates


  1. YOU are FABULOUS!!!! Thanks chick!!! xoxo

  2. Nwaaaah dude! *fist pump to the chest* I am choking myself here - on being utterly chuffed!Thank you!! Seriously if my fridge was magnetic (Curse you Stainless Steele) I would totally stick that comment on it! But I will just have to come back and read it all the time, because lets face it I live here anyway :)I think the fact we are contributing to make each others post man hate us even more is a beautiful thing, and I can not wait till I get this package bundelled up for you! Do you want me to put a brick in it? Make him suffer?

  3. Ahhhh C.J we are united over our hatred of the postal service on different sides of the world. Someone could write a book about this I'm sure, you are right it's a beautiful thing....


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