Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Waterfall Wednesday Read-Along

This is the last week of the Waterfall Wednesday read-along *sobs* this has been the first read-along I have ever participated in and I have loved joining in every week. Not only have a thoroughly enjoyed reading Waterfall but I have also found quite a few fabulous blogs along the way, we have collectively swooned over Marcello (Team Marcello!), been horrified over the lack of clean toilet facilities and showers in Medieval times (who knew??), drooled over gorgeous ball gowns and worried about kicking ass in our slippers. It has been a blast.

So for this final week the questions have been set by the one of my fav bloggers and Aussie YA guru Nic @ Irresistible Reads I hope you are feeling better Nic:)

1. After Gabi is injured, the doctor gives her a tonic. Gabi questions the doctor several times what is in it but he refuses to tell. Would have you taken the tonic in Gabi situation?
No. A resounding wholehearted No. I've not impressed with medieval home remedies and wacky health care suggestions so if I was Gabi I would give the tonic a miss.
2. Before the games Gabi asks Lia to let Lord Forabosch win in the archery event as people especially Lord Forabosch are becoming suspicious of them. But during the games Lord Forabosch upsets Lia trying to throw her off her game. So Lia decides to win. Do you think she did the right thing by not letting Lord Forabosch bully her or do you think she took an unnecessary risk?
It was a real risk he didn't seem to be the type who believes it's the taking part that matters, dented male pride is never pretty and it would have been probably even more humiliating in medieval times if some young girl was more talented with the old bow and arrow.
3. When Gabi is dying and she and Lia decide to return to the tombs so they can get the cure at home but they have to tell Marcello the truth. Even though Marcello thinks that it is madness that they are from the future he believes in Gabi because he loves her. Do you think this is believable? What would you have done if you were Marcello?
It's probably not the easiest thing for Marcello to believe but he must have had his suspicions that Gabi was not entirely normal. If I was Marcello I probably wouldn't have believed Gabi I would be requesting some form of documented proof, goodness knows what that would be, but I would have demanded it regardless.
4. In the end Gabi and Lia return home. Do you think Gabi will return to Marcello? Would you go back?
I deliberately haven't read the second book (I will once we are all finished reading-alonging (?) made up word alert!) but the romantic in me hopes this isn't the end and that she goes back to him. How often will she get a chance to fall in love with someone as ultra swoon worthy as Marcello? I would go back but I would take a few suitcases of necessities with me like deodorants, medicines, shower gels and shampoo, leave in conditioner, shoes, jeans, Ipod, crisps etc.
5. Looking back at Waterfall what was your favourite moment?
The kiss of course. Anything with Marcello in it really (final Marcello *le swoon*)

Head over to Irresistible Reads to see who else is participating in the final read-along.


  1. Can't get much better than the kiss. Better add a generator, so you can recharge your iPod. You may have to take up humming Italian operas (too early maybe). Lol.

  2. I too have enjoyed finding new blogs! And this is my first time also participating in a read-along. I have enjoyed it immensely! Great answers, and looking forward to seeing what you think of the other books in the series!

  3. You make a great point with the medieval home remedies that have been used in the past. Look at the treatments the doctors gave Fortino, they did nothing and then Gabi swoops in and saves the day. I think I'd be suspicious too.

  4. "Anything with Marcello in it" <-- hehe, Here, here! :o)

    I couldn't wait, I had to go on and read the other two...Girl, you're gonna do a lot of *le swooning* :oD

    Team Marcello!!!

  5. Wondering how you plan to power the iPod? ;p You are braver than I...don't think I'd go back!

    ♥ Melissa @ Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf

  6. Hehe. Thanks for the made up word alert. I needed proof it was made up or I wouldn't have believed it. ;)

    I wish I could say I wouldn't have drank the tonic, but if I was in that much pain, I probably would have. LOL

    Thanks for doing WW with us, Lesley! It was a blast from the past.

    P.S. Why am I such a dork?

  7. Lol, can you imagine the reaction medieval people would have if you brought a suitcase full of those things? The iPod would especially mystify them! ;)

    Great answers!

  8. Good point about the generator needed to power my iPod I will add that to my suitcase, it's going to be a big suitcase:)

  9. Im so with you on the ipod...mine is like my little baby...;D You can time travel back with me, Ill have a toilet and hair products readily available...:)

    Loved reading your answers every week...thanks for joining in.

  10. Marcello is soooo swoon worthy. I believe I feel a faint a-comin' on just thinking about him.

    I'm totally with you on the suitcase idea, although I don't think I'd take electronics (would hurt to much to give them up when the batteries ran out-- plus, I'd worry about how archaeologists would try to explain them someday... can you imagine the Enquirer headlines announcing that Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are aliens or time traveling hacks? Oh, the humanity!)

  11. I'm with you, I would give that tonic a total miss. Especially when the "good" doctor wouldn't tell me anything about it.

    I do think the whole male/female roles were WAY worse back then, I still think Lord F deserved it. He was a total douchebag! o_o

    I would never have believed Gabi either. I mean, time-travel? I don't think so! Loved your answers, Lesley.

  12. Haha! We've all been doing a lot of le swooning and le sighing these past few weeks and while we have Marcello to blame for it, I expect that a fair share of our swoons and sighs will transfer onto the delicious Lord Greco once we pick up the second and third books in the series.

    Thank you for participating in this WW adventure and for supportively commenting on my posts:)

    Sarah @ Random Thoughts of A Confused Adolescent

  13. ooo, I like "read-alonging." I say we add it to the dictionary. Thanks SO much for diving into the River, my friend. Your involvement has been fabulous!

  14. I like the made up word alert. I think I might have to borrow that from you because I think I do it and pass it off as a real word. Or try to.

    I'm with you on the suitcase of necessities! Meds, recipes for lots of things, like the crisps, and shampoo and conditioner, soap, Toothpaste. Do you think you could bring all that and still touch yout palm to that print in the tomb???


  15. Congrats on winning the books too. Super stocked to see whats to come. This has been really fun, hope we can do another one soon.


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