Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Waterfall Wednesdays Read-Along

Waterfall Wednesdays is hosted by Tina's Book Reviews, The Unread Reader, Edgy Inspirational Romance, Supernatural Snark and Irresistible Reads. It's a read-along of Waterfall by Lisa Tawn Bergan, each week we will reading chapters, swooning and discussing the book.

This week the questions have been set by Jenny @ Supernatural Snark


1. Gabi and Lia both face several life and death situations in these chapters, having to pick up weapons in defense of those they love and experiencing first hand the brutality of close combat. If you had the choice between picking up a weapon and standing on the front lines or staying behind to tend to the wounded as necessary, which would you choose?
I think I lack the killer instinct necessary to stand on the front line and chop people's heads off and my first aid skills are pretty non existant too so I might have to find another role like making calming cups of tea or ripping up sheets to make bandages (they always do that in movies in an emergency).

2. Both girls get to wear extraordinary gowns to their victory celebration; what would your dream medieval gown look like?
I like the maid marion vibe of this gown, it's simple and I like the earthy green in it.  I've seen a few gowns in museums in the UK (a bit later than medieval though) and they look tiny but very very heavy.

3. Gabi has crude stitches put in and must endure both their removal as well as the cauterization of the wound. How is your threshold for pain? Do you think you would have simply gritted your teeth as Gabi does?
Good grief no. I would have screamed like a banshee for sure.

4. Marcello wants to properly court Gabi after they express mutual feelings of affection, wanting to speak with her mother about his intentions. What do you think is the most romantic aspect of medieval courtship?
I like reading that feelings of affection in medieval times leads to courtship and marriage very quickly but I'm so glad that's not the normal course of events in modern day society (well not where I live anyway) I've never thought that marriage is something to rush into or out of.

5. Gabi and Lia find themselves with conflicting desires toward the end with Lia wanting to return home and Gabi hoping to stay. Do you think that Gabi is being unfair to Lia for wanting to stay, or is Lia being unfair to Gabi for demanding they go? A little of both?
I think it's a bit of both, Gabi has a lot more reasons to want to stay but I can understand why Lia wants to go back home. For me, it makes me want to read the second book even more to see what's going to actually happen.

Head over to Supernatural Snark to see who else is participating this week.


  1. These really sound good! Still mad I forgot! Lol

  2. Good answers! I like your gown choice, but I agree, they all look so heavy.

  3. I would have screamed like a banshee for sure as well. There would be no keeping me silent during something like that unless I was unconscious:) I think maybe I would like to join you in the ripping up sheets for bandages activity, that sounds like something that would be perfect for me. Nice and safe with a lack of blood. Win.

  4. Oooh- good answers! I want to change my first answer to making cups of tea too- I think I could do that task much better!
    I can't wait to read book 2 now either, I want to find out what happens when they go back and how it all works out.

  5. I think I'll join you with bring people tea. I don't think I'd be good at fighting or tending to the wounded. I'd probably just want to hide in bed and pretend it wasn't happening.

  6. OMG, Yes! I went to some fashion museum in London and the gowns were exquisite but Whoa were they heavy. I read the stats on them. I don't think I would have been able to stand it.

  7. Ripping sheets! HA!

    Such a pretty dress! I love the earthy feel to it as well!

  8. LOL- Banshee...thats what I sounded like during labor..:)

  9. I probably would have done a kind of scream grunt while ripping out those stitches. Then, I would have passed out...or died. Either one. LOL!

    And, now that I'm thinking about it, they really are always ripping bandages in those types of movies. Oh, and the hot water. Always hot water!!*giggles*

  10. Awesome--forgot about Maid Marion and what she might bring to the dress table. And thanks for your other thoughtful answers too--so glad you're a part of WW!


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