Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Mini reviews: Heist Society and Uncommon Criminals by Ally Carter

Heist Society
(Heist Society #1)
Ally Carter
My rating: 4 out of 5

Heist Society is chock-a-block full of mystery, suspense, adventure and snarky humour. It has a clever, clever intricate plot, so intricate in fact that I actually "lost the plot" a few times trying to figure it all out. (clearly I'm not smart enough to plan a heist, oh well, that particular career path is so obviously closed to me *sighs*).

I loved Kat she's super smart, always seems ten steps ahead and is very determined. Born into a life of crime (although it's nice crime though- it doesn't seem too evil when reading it) she wants out to lead a normal life but finds herself pulled back in to help the ones she loves.

The team surrounding her absolutely sparkled too but a special paragraph has to be devoted to W.W. Hale the Fifth. Swooooooon city. He's gorgeous, super rich and has his own butler, what's not to like? The subtle romance between Hale and Kate left me desperate for more, they are very good friends but there's that little hint that they both want more. So do I.

I was absolutely hooked, great start to a series.

(Heist Society #2)
Ally Carter
My rating 4 out of 5

Kat has now gained the reputation as the genius teenage thief that pulled off the Henley job but with her ever present moral compass she is working alone stealing priceless items and returning them to their rightful owners.

Kat is asked to steal the infamously cursed Cleopatra diamond and return it to it's real owner despite being warned off taking the job by various family members. I loved all of the twists and turns in Uncommon Criminals, the hilarious heist names and I will probably find myself getting Paraguay mixed up with Uruguay for the rest of my life.

One little thing, I usually love the sloooooow burn in romance but I found the whole Kat and Hale will they/won't they agonizingly unresolved in Uncommon Criminals. It was torture. And not in a good way.

This is though, definitely a series I want to continue reading, but more Hale time would be much appreciated in the next installment. The romantic in me wants them to end up together and soon.


  1. Glad you enjoyed these Lesley. I'm on the fence if to try them or not. :)

  2. While these books don't sound like something I'd usually read, all the positive reviews (including yours) make me want to pick them up. :D
    Great review. Thank you for sharing your opinion. :)


  3. I love these covers! I've heard pretty good things about them too, I need to pick them up!


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