Wednesday, 5 October 2011

My book boyfriend #21

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This week's book boyfriend is the very dangerous but hot vampire Dimitri from Nalini Singh's Archangel's Blade. Dimitri is the archangel of New York's right hand man, he is a thousand years old with skin the colour of dark honey and jet black hair. He's sensual, beautiful and lethal.

Honor was kept prisoner and nearly killed by a group of evil vamps, she is now broken and fears all vampires but her job with the Guild means she has to work with Dimitri to solve a murder case. Dimitri vows to track down and kill Honor's attackers and is determined to seduce her.

I absolutely LOVED Archangel's Blade my somewhat gushing review is here.

He moved close enough that the dark heat of him lapped against her in a quiet threat that made her glad for the blade. "I am not a nice man when I'm angry."

She held her position, a ragged attempt to erase the humiliation of the panic attack. "I'm fairly certain you're not a nice man at all."

His answer was a slow smile that whispered of silk sheets, erotic whispers, and sweat damp skin. The unhidden intent of it had her heart slamming hard against her ribs. "No," she said, voice raw.

"A challenge." He wasn't touching her and yet she felt caressed by a thousand ropes of fur, soft and lush and unmistakably sexual. "I accept."

Dimitri shifted gears with the ease of a man used to power. "I don't intend to break you Honor." The harsh edge replaced by black silk, sinful and tantalizing as the rich scent of chocolate seeped into her very bones. "I intend to seduce you."

A burst of heat low in her body, a pulse of attraction that followed no rules of rational behaviour ... and an obsession she couldn't fight. "Ever had a woman say not to you Dimitri?"

"Once." He turned the corner with a smile that made her want to cup his face, trace those beautiful lips with her own. "I married her."

But Honor... she had her hooks so deep into him that it made the old, merciless part of him go motionless, examine the situation-and his sudden vulnerability- with icy focus. To destroy this strange, wonderful something between them, all it would take were a few well-chosen words of utmost cruelty.

"I am not a good man, Honor," he said touching his fingers to her jaw.

Instead of shying, she leaned into the touch. "You're my man."

The truly gorgeous Joe Manganiello would be the perfect Dimitri, especially when he has his shirt off and is wearing those oh so tight jeans. *giggles* How good is that last picture?????


  1. I swear my brain turns to mush everytime I see this man shirtless! Combined with those quotes, I need to take a cold shower....Seriously awesome post! *deep breath*

  2. Oh yum! Must read this book. And I love Joe! He's gorgeous, and if he's who you picture when reading this book, then it's definitely worth a read.

  3. Could those jeans be any tighter? Me like! :-)

  4. I haven;t read this but you had me at Joe! He is such a MAN! Mmm-mmm. Those last pics... I might spend a while here :D

  5. Great choice. I definatly looked a little longer than I should!

  6. Oh my! *drool* those shirtless photo's I could definitely stare at for a couple hours at least, lol! I haven't read this book yet but damn Dimitri could change my mind, lol. Great choice!

  7. WOW!!! That last collage of pictures has me drooling. First a were and now a vamp...Joe Manganiello couldn't get any hotter.

  8. Yay! Team VAMPIRE!

    *licks pictures on computer screen*

    Umm... HOLY CROW! That man's body is freaking delicious! Joe sounds perfect for the role of Dimitri!

    *runs back to stare/drool over pics*

    *licks more*

  9. I think you should call this post "my drooling moment of the week" :) Love Joe! So sleak and powerful... Great choice!

  10. My eyeballs fell out...

  11. This just got bumped up on my TBR especially if he makes you think of JM! *sigh* *drool* *wowzer*

  12. Mmmmm Dmitri - one of my favorite books this year! I could read those quotes over and over, nice choice!

  13. Jajajaja.. Shirtless Joe always makes things better ;)
    I haven't read Archangels Blade yet, but Dimitri sounds amazingly sexy.
    Thanks for shirtless Joe!

  14. Erm... give me a moment. I was a little bit distracted by the photos.


    I think I could keep staring at this post for quite a while. And maybe I'll need to start reading this series, especially with these photos in mind. :D



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