Wednesday, 12 October 2011

My book boyfriend #22

My book boyfriend is hosted by the fabulous Missie @ The Unread Reader

I love the Dragon Kin series by G.A Aiken (Shelly Laurenson) it's full of bloodthirsty, randy, shape shifting dragons.
The Dragon Who Loved Me is the fifth book in the series it's laugh out loud funny, full of amazing characters and tonnes of sexy times. You have got to read it but start at the beginning of the series or else you will be super confused! so this week's book boyfriend is the shape shifting hottie Vigholf.

Vigholf the Abhorrent (they all have names like that)
- He is a Northlander lightening Dragon.
- His kind once captured female dragons from the south and forced them to be their mates.
- He's slightly chauvinistic, a bit stubborn and fairly self centred.
- He eats constantly.
- He has admired Rhona the Fearless for 5 years she thinks he's a pest and tells him so constantly.
- He's protective and loving and has "watched out" for Rhona in battle despite the fact she's the first daughter of a warrior family.

"I have absolute control of my hammer, thank you very much. But once it's moving, it's not always easy for me to stop, my lady." he grinned feeling cheeky. "I can say that about all my hammers in fact."

Vigholf crouched next to her. "You all right?"
"The universe began to spin, so I decided to sit until it stopped."
"Good plan"
Since he didn't know how long she'd need to sit, Vigholf sat beside her. He carefully took her raised finger and tucked it back into her fist.
"Thank you, I didn't seem to have control of that talon."
"Whatever," She smiled a little. "You can let go of my hand."
"I could but probably won't. What with your universe spinning and all."
"Any opportunity. You Lightening's take any opportunity."
"There's truth to that, I'm afraid."
"You are however, surprisingly light of touch."
"The way you're holding my hand. I always thought you'd be more of a mauler. Like a diseased wolf chewing off the knuckles of me fist."
"That's very nice."
"Not really"
"I was being sarcastic"

Rhona laughed and Vigholf loved hearing the sound of it. "You're not like the other Northlanders, you know?"
"You mean serious and boring and patiently waiting for my glorious death on the battlefield? Yeah I know. But why go through life being miserable? What's the point of that?"
"There is none." She yawned. "Guess we better get some sleep. We have a lot of hard riding to do tomorrow."
"We're running out of dried beef," he pointed out.
"Because you don't pace yourself."
"I don't even know what those words mean."

In my head Vigholf looks a bit like Charlie Hunnam the gorgeous bit of rough who plays Jax in Sons of Anarchy. Niceeeeeee.


  1. Charlie Hunnam? Falls down from chair. *drools*
    A shape shifter series. Haven't read them in ages, sounds like a great read though and Vigholf sounds very alpha material ;)
    Great post thanks for some sexy Charlie/Jax :D

  2. Sexy dragons?! Hmm that's something I haven't encountered in my reading adventures, I might have to make a point of checking this series out. I like Vigholf's cheekiness. I haven't seen Sons of Anarchy but I think maybe I should if that guy is in it! Hot pics! :)

  3. the first I saw charlie hunnam was when he played in Nicholas Nickleby. LOVE british accents! These are some pretty steamy pictures! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Haha!! Excellent, nice pick this week Lesley. I haven't read this series, but I want to just for the sexy dragons.

  5. I haven't even heard of this series, but I love the quotes and (of course) the pictures. Very intriguing!

    Thanks for sharing,

  6. Never heard of the series...but DAYUM...I am in love with Charlie Hunnam so I'm having a hard time paying attention to the words when there's such pretty pictures lol Nice pick this week!!

  7. You did not just Charlie Hunnam me, did you? Oh my, how I wish I could be his body sweat! LOL

    And who knew Dragons were randy. hehe. Vigholf (how do you even say that) and I would get along great, as long as he doesn't try to eat my food. :)

  8. OMG!!! That's my Jax!!! Sorry, the only thing I'm capable of doing at this moment is drooling...

  9. I haven't read this series, but I plan to soon. Vigholf sounds super sexy and funny. Great pick!


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