Wednesday, 19 October 2011

My book boyfriend # 23

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After devouring Deadly Cool by Gemma Halliday at the weekend I decided Chase Erikson the gorgeous brooding bad boy would be my book boyfriend this week.

Some Chase facts
He's the editor of the school newspaper.
He wears black from head to toe.
This includes black guyliner *sniggers*
He has broad shoulders, dark eyes and a square jaw. *le swoon*
He helps Hartley in her Nancy Drew type escapades to track the killer and saves her life *double le swoon*

I cleared my throat. "We were wondering if you might have seen anything in the neighbourhood while you were taking pictures yesterday."
"What kind of anything" He crossed his arms over his chest. His very broad chest. He could easily have been on the football team, though I had the feeling from the antiestablishment black and the rebellious guyliner that he wasn't the team spirit type. He seemed more the playing-depressing-music-in-his-parent's-basement type.
"Anything .... suspicious? Anyone going in or out of the house down the street?" I clarified.
"You mean other than you two?"
"We didn't killer her!" I said quickly.
He narrowed his eyes. "You sure?"
I threw my hands up. "Yes I'm sure. Do i look like a killer?"
He let his gaze roll over my body, taking me in from head to toe in a slow assessment that ended in a smirk of approval. I wasn't sure if I should feel flattered or violated.
"That was a rhetorical question" I mumbled my cheeks heating.

Chase was framed in the doorway. His broad shoulders filled the entryway almost as tightly as anyone on the HHH football team's would. He was tall, but not in a gangly way, and he had muscles pumped up in all the right places. He was wearing a pair of jeans and was once again doing the black T-shirt thing. He had on a pair of black Docs, a black leather cuff on his right wrist, and his black hair was spiked up from his head in a mussed kind of way. Not crusty straight, but more bedroom tousled.                                        
Not that I had any firsthand knowledge of what bedroom tousled might look like, but I imagined that was it.               
Um, wow. Chase was actually kinda hot.

I held my breath. Could it be that I was witnessing Chase undressing?
Okay, I guess I was listening more than witnessing, but it still felt a little wrong.
And a little exciting at the same time.
Bad Hartley. God, I was not interested in seeing Chase naked. I didn't care what sort of six-pack he hiding under his black T-shirts, even though I was pretty sure it was tight and hot by the way said shirts clung to him.
Oh God I did want to see him undress.

I love that last scene Hartley is hiding under Chase's bed (at this point she is hiding in his bedroom under his Star Wars covered bed after searching through his stuff for evidence) but her single minded pursuit of the killer is way layed by watching Chase strip off and finding out he goes commando:)

Thanks to Marlon Teixeira for being a perfect Chase. Marlon appears to be having a serious wardrobe malfunction in that last picture, hehe. 


  1. I'm dying to read this book! After reading that last section, I want to read it even more ;) Great pick.

  2. I'll say he's having a waldrobe malfunction... he's still wearing pants! ;)
    That boy is so freaking hot! I need to google stalk him. This book sounds like fun, love that last quote!

  3. okay i have to get this book!
    those quotes are hot and so are the pictures.
    youve one me over

  4. I'm sorry Lesley, but I won't call that picture a wardrobe malfunction...okay maybe it is but only because he's wearing something when he shouldn't be wearing anything at all. LOL

    Now I want to read this book just for that last scene! Thank You!

  5. Is that a tattoo on his thigh? What a wonderful present to discover!

  6. I haven't read Deadly Cool!

    In the wardrobe malfunction that a tattoo? I wonder what it says. And yes, I was staring enough to notice :)

  7. Oh he looks cute.

    What? No shirt.. pants almost off...

    Uh, what was I saying???

  8. Hottie alert! That third pic is amazing! I've heard about this book, but had no idea there would be such a yummy hero! Great choice!

  9. I LOVED Chase!!! Awesome choice for a book boyfriend!!

  10. Sooooooo hot. wait there was a picture of a book before this?
    Got distracted.

  11. O..M..G That last picture!! Thank You!! That is all.


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