Wednesday, 16 November 2011

My book boyfriend # 26

My book boyfriend is hosted by the amazing Missie @ The Unread Reader
My book boyfriend this week is the very cute bassist Sean from Tara Kelly's Amplified. I have a huge weakness for rock gods, especially if they are all tattooed and sweaty.... OK back to business.

Sean aka Clover (he has a blue clover tattoo on his forearm as he's half Irish) is the band C-Slide's bassist he works in a garage repairing cars and is studying marine biology. He's a little bit grumpy at first as his ex girlfriend ran off with the band's last guitarist but there's a real spark between Jasmine and Sean and they live in the same house with the rest of the band, cue sexy times!

"He emerged from the shop dressed in a blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up. His dark chestnut hair stuck up in places, like he'd wrestled with his clothes. Despite the barbell through his eyebrow and the glare, his face was sweet- what I would call boyishly cute. Too bad he had the charm of a housefly."

"When I opened my door, my eye's met Sean's. He was coming out of the bathroom, looking annoyingly cute with disheveled hair and blue -plaid pajama bottoms. I looked away when I realised the ensemble didn't include a shirt.
"I didn't know you were still up" he said, sounding almost apologetic.
"Well, I can't really sleep, because um..." I nodded at Bryan's bedroom.
He chuckled. "Get used to it"
I figured we were done until he started walking towards me. Don't stare, don't stare, my mind screamed. But my eyes didn't listen. They focused on the tattoo encircling his left arm. Quarter notes and barbed wire."

"He was the first guy I actually wanted to kiss.
Which kind of scared the shit out of me.

Our breaths quickened and my hands slid under his shirt. We'd yet to come up for air, but stopping would be awkward. We might actually have to talk about what we were doing.

"Yow!" a guy called behind us. "Go for it dude."
Someone else laughed.
We pulled apart. Moment ruined.
The voices came from two boys- probably around fourteen. They ran off when Sean glared over his shoulder at them.
"Little bastards," he said."

Thanks to Bobby Hick for being my rock god this week (I don't know who or what he is I just liked his pictures) isn't his jumper in picture two something else! I think it might be a "Christmas jumper" You can check out my review of Amplified here.


  1. Ohhh he's a musician? Nothing is sexier than a musician IMO. Never heard of this book but it looks like I'm going to need to read it.

  2. Who can resist a hot muso? Not me that's for sure. The guy you picked for the photos seems perfect for Sean. I need to read this book :D

  3. Swoooooooon! I'll take one to go please! Great quotes.

  4. Oooh. he sounds awesome! *drools* Mind if I just...I don't know... borrow him? Just for a little while! I'll bring him back -- maybe.

    Here's PiF's.

  5. OMAHGAWD!! Looks like something I need to read. He repairs cars, studies marine biology, plays base AND he is Irish!!

  6. That smile is totally adorable! I'm a sucker for tattooed and sweaty rock gods too, so Clover and me would be an awesome couple. :P

  7. I haven't heard of this, but I love musicians! Plus the Irish thing is just icing on the already yummy-looking cake. Great post!

  8. Yep, If I had a type it would definitely be musicians...they are bad-ass, but sensitive. Super hot, but deep...gotta <3 them!

  9. I just reviewed Amplified on my blog today. Absolutely loved this book and Sean. You seriously picked some of his best moments for this post. I'd definitely take him as a book boyfriend.

    Kristan @ Lost Amongst the Shelves

  10. Oh I NEED to read this book! Like NOW!

  11. He is SO cute! I love his smile! Even so cute in those glasses. Now, I'm not into the sweaty part, but nicely showered... ;) LOL

  12. I love the quotes! Sounds sooooooo good! I´m normally only into the paranormal, but I think this might be an exception ;-)

  13. Ahh I can't resist a muso! I'm adding this to my TBR too. Also I do love it when fictional men wear nothing but pyjama bottoms... *Le sigh*



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