Wednesday, 25 January 2012

My book boyfriend #33 Raniero from Jessica Rules the Dark Side

My book boyfriend is hosted by Missie @ The Unread Reader

My book boyfriend this week is Raniero Vladescu Lovatu he kinda stole my heart in Beth Fantaskey's Jessica Rules the Dark Side, and actually put Lucius in the shade *shock horror.*

He's an Italian vampire, ex-assassin now chilled out pacifist surfer dude. He owns the sum total of 4 pairs of shorts and 5 t-shirts (one of which has his favourite taco on it) despite his family's enormous wealth. He has longish dark hair and grey-green eyes and a bit of stubble. He loves Mindy Sue (Jessica's BFF) she initially knows nothing about his past as an assassin and dismisses him as a bit of a drifter. But he's back in Romania to help Jessica, Lucius and Mindy Sue and has to face up to his violent past.

"Raniero... who, exactly, are you?
He didn't answer for a long time, and I thought for a second he almost looked normal again. His shoulders kinda slouched, and his eyes got softer, and so did his voice. "Oh, Mindy Sue..."
He was hiding something. Or, like...changing, somehow. But he still sounded like a philosopher- a sad philosopher- when he said, "I am becoming everything you ever wished me to be, Mindy Sue. And that vampire is no one whom you should want to know."

But this was me and Raniero, and right before that bomb blew up, I caught a glimpse of the old Ronnie- the one that used to love me- in his awesome grey eyes, and we exploded in a different way, when he moved closer to me, and I put my hands on his face- his stupid, scruffy beard- and his mouth pressed against mine like he was starving for me, just like I was for him.

Just do what you always wanted to do, Min, give him the hair cut you always dreamed about....
"How do I look, Mindy Sue?"
I didn't have any choice but to finally really look at him, head to toe. And what I saw almost made me sob. I shoulda been an Italian Renaissance artist, 'cause the vampire that stood before me was way more incredible than any statue. His body had always been perfect, but when he finally really stood in a way that showed off just how powerful he was, it made me suck in a big breath. Knocked the wind out of me...
"It is good, yes?"he asked. "You create in me the vampire of your dreams? The Raniero you always wished for?"

I loved how Mindy Sue wanted him to be more than a drifter beach bum but when she finds out he's actually a vampire assassin she wants her old "Ronnie" back.

I thought the model Caio-Cesar would make a great Raniero both as a beach bum and after his Mindy-Sue haircut as a (naked) assassin. *giggles*


  1. Vlad seems to be a popular pick the last couple weeks for MBB. While I wasn't a fan of the books, I'm definitely a fan of the pictures you have on here! :)

  2. I read the first book but haven't read this one yet. I hear that Mindy and this guy were the hotter couple for this book. That Jessica and Luscious don't hold up to the first book. Excited to meet him, especially after those pictures and quotes!
    My Book Boyfriend

  3. He's hot! I have the first book in this series at home, but haven't gotten around to reading it yet.

    Awesome pick!

    Here's mine this week


  4. Naked assassin?! WOW! Italian vampires always get my blood pumping. I hope they know that...yup, that's an open invitation to bite.

    And that beach bum picture....*falls out of chair*

    Confession, I actually put my face right up to the screen to see exactly what is spilling out of those pants. LOL

  5. I just read the first in this series and can't wait to get this one! I loved Mindy and I am excited to meet "Ronnie". Love the beach bum picture...*drool*


  6. I need to definitely get into this series so that can meet this hunky Italian vamp.

  7. I saw that first pic and thought... oh no you didn't... but since it is a completely different character, I guess I'll have to say... WOW! Our BB look so alike! LOL ;)

    I am so getting these books. Plus, I just adore that first pic. ;)

  8. Ummm any guy that has swimmer's cuts is A-Okay in my book, lol. Italian hunk on top of it? Count me in!! Haha! Nice choice!

    My Book Boyfriend

  9. YUM. A ripped surfer once-assassin dude to look forward to in the sequel. YAY.

    Have an amazing reading week!

    - Asher (from Paranormal Indulgence)

  10. I can't believe I haven't read this book yet! Raniero looks like an amazing character and great choice as a book boyfriend! Put Lucius in the shade? OK, I need this book now because Lucius is pretty amazing!


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