Wednesday, 15 February 2012

My book boyfriend #36- Lord Archer from Firelight

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I fell madly in love with Lord Benjamin Archer the tortured hero in Firelight by Kristen Callihan. Lord Archer is the kind of alpha male that I adore. He's a wealthy aristocrat but wears a mask which covers up half of his face because of his mysterious "curse". He's protective, romantic a little bit scary but completely swoon worthy. The sexual tension between Archer and Miranda is agonizingly good and left me desperate for more.

When reading Firelight I kept thinking of Gerard Butler in Phantom but then I saw a man candy picture of the model Atesh Salih on Nocturnal Book Reviews and I just knew he was my Archer.

Lips. She stared at them in shock. She could see his lips. Behind the carnival mask, he wore a black half-mask of smooth silk. It moulded to his face like a second skin, revealing the lines of a high forehead, astrong nose, and a sharply squared-off jaw. The mask covered almost all of his right side, down along his jaw to wrap fully around his neck. But the left side... The tip of his nose, his left cheek, jaw, chin, and lips were fully exposed.

The shock of seeing all to human skin upon his face rendered her nearly senseless. His complexion was olive toned, showing some Mediterranean origin in his background...

A small cleft divided his square chin. But his lips called her attention once more. They were firmly sculpted; a sturdy bottom lip that almost begged to be bitten. The upper lip was wider than the bottom and flared gently in perpetual humor. Roman lips. She hadn't thought...
"You keep gaping like that, and the flies will come in"... "Are you going to stare all day? Should I have a self-portrait done for your contemplation?"

“Slowly, her slim hand smoothed over the swell of his buttock, lingering there. A shocked laugh choked his throat, the sound muddled by a stifled groan that her intrigued touch elicited. The saucy little sneak thief was copping a feel. He felt inclined to turn around and let her get a handful. Christ this was madness”   

"You shouldn't be with me," he corrected softly. "I- annulments are easily enough gained. Considering we have never..." He bit down on his lip hard enough to whiten it. " Well... as is the case, it can be done. Pick a house, wherever you want, in another country if it pleases you, and I shall set it up."

"Why?" she asked. "Why offer for me" Her strength returned on the waves of anger. "Why bring me here, make me care, if you didn't want me"

"Not want you?" He lifted his head off the pillow. "Not want you?" His eyes flared in the firelight. "Christ, Miri, murder and knife-wielding assassins aside, you are the greatest adventure of my life."

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  1. Great quotes! And very hot model! She is the greatest adventure in his life, so sweet!

  2. I love your book boyfriends, they introduce me to new books like Fifty. I'm adding these, because Archer sounds incredible!

    No book boyfriend for me, but I thought I should comment anyway.


  3. Hot!!! I'll have to check this series out!

  4. "the swell of his buttock"

    hahaha! I can't blame the girl for wanting to cop a feel! :P

    Archer sounds playful and sexy! A combo I love. And now I have to go google more pictures of Atesh Salih.

  5. I have heard so many fabulous things about this book recently. Your post is definitely making me want it sooner rather than later. Love the buttock comment!

    Jennifer @ Feminist Fairytale Reviews

  6. Can we share him? I'm a little bit in love with Archer myself ;) Great pic.

  7. He is gorgeous and I'm loving that last quote! And hi-five to the heroine for copping a feel! Also, thanks for the giveaway!

  8. OMG! That pic! *swoon* I'm starting this book soon! Oh curse myself for falling behind in my reading. I so need to read this one so I can steal him from you. ;)

  9. I just read your review and this book sounds right up my alley. Lord Archer sounds delightful. I'm off to go enter your giveaway now.

  10. Ooooooh that was so so sweet!! I like this guy!! :) Great choice :)

  11. I haven't read this books, I think I saw them awhile back in your blog first :)

  12. I haven't read this yet, but it looks like I need to. :) New follower here. Reading Lark After Dark's Book Boyfriend: Vishous


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