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My book boyfriend #40 - Gray from Play It Safe

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I was on the look out for a new book boyfriend when I stumbled across Gray from Play It Safe by Kristen Ashley, he ticks all the boxes as far as I'm concerned he's a gorgeous laid back cowboy, he's patient but protective and is the heroine Ivey's knight in shining armour and he calls her doll face.

Play It Safe is one of those books where you just have to suspend all disbelief and just go with the flow. Ivey is a pool shark moving from town to town with her no good brother hustling to make ends meet until she hits Mustang Colorado and meets Grayson Cody. Craving both a normal life and a little bit of alone time with Gray, Ivey stays in Mustang until her brother betrays her with the help of the local evil guy called Buddy, and makes her move on. Years later (after a successful career as a Vegas showgirl- obviously this is the part you really need to suspend belief) Ivey comes back to Mustang to save Grey's ranch (with the help of her Vegas showgirl earnings) from the clutches of bad guy Buddy.

"He was not attractive.
He was beautiful.
His hair wasn't dark brown, I was shocked to see. It was actually blond but a blond I'd never seen before. Very dark blond with a hint of red burnish that was nowhere near making him a redhead, just enriching the color of his thick, longish hair so it wasn't just fantastic, it was astonishing.
His bone structure wasn't strong, defined and interesting. It was striking.
And I could see the color of his eyes surrounded by thick, long, dark lashes with the same rusty burnish as his hair.
They were a deep, dark blue.
And as he unveiled his throat, I saw its corded, supremely masculine length and my palms got sweaty.
Hells bells."

"You still fallin' in love with me?"
I stared, my cheeks now getting warm and opened my mouth to answer affirmative when he went on.
"Cause you should know, baby, I'm already gone for you."
My mouth stayed open only because at that point it was hanging open.
Then I snapped it closed and asked, "You love me?"
"Yeah" Gray answered.
"You love me," I stated but it was still a question.
Gray grinned, dimple and all and he repeated, "Yeah."
Tears filled my eyes and I whispered it again, "You love me"
Gray's grin faded, he rolled me so I was on my back and he was mostly on me. His face got really close and he whispered back, "Yeah."

"Finally, he spoke and when he did, it was to whisper, "Prettiest thing I've ever seen."
Oh God.
My belly melted.
"Gray," I whispered back.
"In that getup, in your jeans and tees, in your bikini on the lawnmower, when I open my eyes in the morning and see you next to me, anytime I see you, that's what I think. First thing that comes to mind. Anytime. Every time.
Then he gave me, a woman who once had nothing, but a bag full of stuff, not much of it good, but who, standing there in that kitchen thought she had everything, the world.
"I love you Ivey, and you got a name you gave yourself that means somethin' to you but I still want you to take mine"

You know, I actually think I would allow Gray to put his feet up on the couch like that if he said that last quote on a daily basis *sighs dreamily.*

I've got a couple of other Kristen Ashley books to read all in the name of research for future book boyfriends of course....


  1. oh my, my, my.. that guy.. my brain can't find a way to function right now ;)) Awesome pick!

    Happy midnight reading!

  2. My, oh my. I must start to check out more cowboys! Thanks for introducing me to a new man Lesley.


  3. Oh holy hell I could barely read that guy was so HOT! LOL Hold on I'm going back to drool more...
    Okay I'm back lol And super sweet quotes. "Cause you should know, baby, I'm already gone for you." Love that one
    Here's My Book Boyfriend

  4. Eeeeep! This whole post made me melt!!! I love cowboys, especially ones that call me Dollface, but sadly none ever have, so that is why I need Gray! I'd take his name, and do anything else he wants. Thanks for all the hot pictures. :)

  5. Love cowboys and Gray sounds perfect! That last quote made me sigh in happiness. Great choice!

    Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews

  6. Ooooh cowboys! Nice choice!

    HEre's my BB:

  7. Wow - I would let him put his feet up - as long he never puts a shirt on and keeps the hat as well! Yummy! :-)

  8. Like it like it!! This is so romantic <3 <3 Should definitely pick this book up!! :) <3

  9. *swoons* it..its cowboy time!

  10. Love your pick! I haven't read this one yet, but I am totally checking it out now for sure! Cowboys are so yummy! :)

    Here's mine:


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