Monday, 26 March 2012

Review: Dire Needs by Stephanie Tyler

Dire Needs
Eternal Wolf Clan #1
Stephanie Tyler
Publication date: 6th March 2012

The full moon is their mistress. They are predators of pleasure and pain. Feared by humans, envied by werewolves, the Dire Wolves are immortal shifters, obeying no laws but their own bestial natures. Once they were many, but now only six remain, a dangerous wolfpack forever on the hunt…

Rifter leads the pack, embracing the lifestyle and ethics of an outlaw biker even as he battles an ancient enemy who has become a new, powerful force. But with his Brother Wolf raging inside him, howling to be unleashed, he needs to satisfy his hungers. And when he meets a drop-dead gorgeous blonde drinking alone in a bar that caters to both human and inhuman, Rifter’s primal instinct is to claim her.

Gwen has her own desires, long unfulfilled. She hopes a passionate night with the leather-clad, Harley-riding biker will ease her suffering. The seizures that have wracked her body her entire life are incurable—and they’re killing her.

But none of that will matter if Rifter can’t stop the growing threat to them all–trappers who are determined to enslave humankind and use the Dire wolves as part of their nefarious plan.

Dire Needs has a lot packed into it, but maybe just a little bit too much at times. I often find with a new series the first book suffers slightly due to the whole world building thing which can slow a story down, I think Dire Needs was a perfect example of this.

I did enjoy it, I loved the whole idea of the Dires as an immortal biker gang of hot alpha males, I also really liked the whole "brother wolf/sister wolf" explanation it really set the Dires apart from any other shifter type book. Equally the pairing of Rifter the reluctant Dire King who is cursed by immortality and Gwen the doctor who literally only has weeks to live was different and grabbed my attention. I thought their chemistry was the best part of Dire Needs, so much so that all the other story lines around them kind of paled into insignificance to me and I found myself losing track a few times of who the bad guys were and what the whole battle was actually about.

Overall, I thought as a first instalment it grabbed me enough to make me want to add the second book Dire Wants to my to be read list. As a series Eternal Wolf Clan definitely has potential.

My rating: A hopeful 3.5 out of 5

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