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Review: Nine Uses for an Ex-Boyfriend by Sarra Manning

Nine Uses for an Ex-Boyfriend
Sarra Manning
Publication date: 2nd Feb 2012

Hope Delafield hasn’t always had an easy life.

She has red hair and a temper to match, as her mother is constantly reminding her. She can’t wear heels, is terrified of heights and being a primary school teacher isn’t exactly the job she dreamed of doing, especially when her class are stuck on the two times table.

At least Hope has Jack, and Jack is the God of boyfriends. He’s sweet, kind, funny, has a killer smile, a cool job on a fashion magazine and he’s pretty (but in a manly way). Hope knew that Jack was The One ever since their first kiss after the Youth Club Disco and thirteen years later, they’re still totally in love. Totally. They’re even officially pre-engaged. And then Hope catches Jack kissing her best friend Susie…

Does true love forgive and forget? Or does it get mad… and get even

Nine Uses for an Ex-boyfriend is the frustrating but admittedly realistic story of Hope who finds out in the middle of her first grown up dinner party that her commitment phobe boyfriend Jack of 13 years has been cheating on her with her best friend Susie.

Despite the blurb, there wasn't much of Hope getting even with her ex-boyfriend. I found it frustrating that she didn't kick his ass to the kerb for lying and cheating, instead she struggles to come to terms with his betrayal in true door mat fashion. I thought the title also suggested that Hope wasn't going to accept his crap and was out to get revenge on Jack. Having finished the book I still have no clue where the "nine uses" bit actually fits in, maybe I missed it but I honestly didn't get it. Instead of cutting up his suits and trashing him on Facebook Hope allows both her and Jack's parents to interfere, as the Dad's take Jack to the pub to try to talk some sense into Jack (arrggghhhh someone please just kick his ass) Jack and Hope end up in "couples counselling" which really just allows Jack even more time to dither over which woman he will pick. Honestly, at times I really wanted to howl with frustration.

I do (kind of  I suppose in a grudging fashion) appreciate that the story is probably more realistic in that it does show that relationships and break ups are messy and whilst our brains might be telling us to dump a lying cheating boyfriend sometimes our hearts are slow on the uptake, that falling out of love with someone you have been with for years doesn't always happen over night. I personally however, like my female characters to have a bit more of a back bone and I have a strong need to see the lying cheating characters get their comeuppance one way or another.

I did enjoy Wilson's part in the story, he was Susie's ex-boyfriend and although he seems rather aloof in the beginning I really warmed to him and enjoyed all of his scenes with Hope.

Overall although Nine Uses was very readable in that I raced through it super quick, something about it just irked me. I think I probably should just stick with reading about the kick ass chicks from my favourite urban fantasy series.

My rating: 3 out of 5

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  1. oh no, Ive been excited for this as I love the authors YA books and hers are some of the few adult books I'd rush to pick up but I'm not sure now... I dont think I'd like the door-mat issues from the MC!


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