Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Review: About That Night by Julie James

About That Night
FBI /US Attorney #3
Julie James
Publication date: 3rd April 2012
My rating: 4 out of 5

I love Julie James’s brand of contemporary hot romances. I’m absolutely powerless to resist her tall, dark(ish) and smouldering alpha males, and hey, this one’s a billionaire too!

About That Night is the story of Kyle Rhodes the “Twitter terrorist” mentioned in Julie James previous instalment A Lot Like Love. I remember when reading and reviewing A Lot Like Love that I really wanted Kyle’s story because his crime was so wonderfully bonkers (he hacked into and brought down Twitter whilst drunk after his ex dumped him very publicly via Twitter) and that after his sister had done a deal for him with the FBI to get him out of prison, he was taken to hospital after the undercover FBI agent “stabbed” in the leg with a salad fork. Bonkers and hilarious. Anyway, Kyle’s story did not disappoint.

Kyle and Rylann shared a steamy and unforgettable kiss nine years ago, they planned to meet up the next day but Kyle never showed as his beloved mother was tragically killed in a car accident. Whilst Kyle is forced to take over the reigns of his billionaire father’s business as his father and sister are overcome with grief, Rylann continues with her very carefully planned life and becomes a successful lawyer.

Nine years later, Kyle the Twitter terrorist ends up in prison, and as the new Assistant US Attorney Rylann ends up in court approving his early release. Despite the obvious sparks flying between them Rylann refuses to get into any kind of relationship with Kyle as he is potentially an important witness to another serious crime that she's involved in prosecuting.

I have to say, the blatant chemistry and excruciatingly hot build up between Kyle and Rylann near enough killed me off. I absolutely loved it. Julie James is the master at building sexual tension whilst delivering hilarious one liners. I could see exactly why Kyle could charm the pants off any woman (literally as well as figuratively!) he’s described as being “ruggedly masculine and wholly, undeniably sexy” I sooooooo got that! Not only that, he completely man’s up and takes full responsibility for his mistakes and hey, he’s also a talented billionaire so what’s not to like about him? I completely adored him.

If you are looking for a tasty hot contemporary romance with an extra helping of humour then definitely check out About That Night

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  1. Sounds like a quirky and sexy read! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I can't wait to read this. I have it already waiting for me. I loved Kyle too and sooooo look forward to reading this story! Nice review!

    1. Thanks Autumn, I absolutely loved it I'm a definite Kyle fan:)

  3. Bloghopping around from a friend's blog :)

    I have my eye on this one as I read the book before and I really wanted Kyle's story then


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