Thursday, 3 May 2012

After Fifty review: More Than Meets the Ink by Elle Aycart

11873473More Than Meets The Ink
Elle Aycart
Publication date: 28th June 2011

More Than Meets the Ink came out of the blue and knocked me for six! It's a fantastic contemporary romance that captured me heart.

Tate and James meet whilst on holiday visiting their respective parents, Tate is stressed to the max she has an email stalker and has been left running the family restaurant after the death her her father. James is a seriously and I mean seriously hot tattooed bad boy with a heart. Tate agrees to a no strings attached holiday romance as a temporary escape from her life but James is determined to stick around and wants Tate in his life.

At time Tate drove me mad, she has decided all tattooed guys are bad boys and trouble with a capital T, based on her sister's experiences with a number of bad boys. She's very forthright about her views but James is such a sweetheart and doesn't take it to heart. James stubbornly refuses to let her go, he's an honest, hard working gorgeous good guy and I loved him to bits.

The sexual tension between them on holiday is intense as their attempts for some alone time are continually thwarted by their parents who made me laugh no end. The chemistry between Tate and James when back in their real world was sizzling hot. I loved James's bedroom talk but what I really loved about him was his persistence and patience, he never bully's Tate but makes it clear he wants to be part of her life and is always there helping and supporting her dealing with her business and staff even if she was too stubborn to really appreciate him. James is a real keeper.

I loved More Than Meets the Ink, it was a fantastic contemporary romance and has everything that I love: a tattooed alpha male with a heart of gold, burning hot smex scenes and a bit of suspense thrown in for good measure. I hope to see more from author Elle Aycart, her side characters had real potential and I would definitely check any further books out.

after fifty
After Fifty rating: 5 out of 5
Alpha maleness Thumbs up
Smouldering hot Thumbs up
Tattoos Thumbs up
Protective streak Thumbs up
Billionaire Thumbs down (not quite…)



  1. Awesome review Lesley! I've got this one to read too and I can't wait ~ Donna

  2. Hi Lesley,
    Thanks for your review. I'm very happy you liked More Than Meets The Ink.
    best regards,
    Elle Aycart

    1. OMG thank you Elle, I LOVED your book and can't wait for more from you. Please write faster!!!!

  3. I'm going to buy this book right now!

  4. Hi Lesley,
    Cole is next. Heavy Issues will be released on May 29. The blurb and the cover art are already in goodreads and in my face book author page. I hope you'll enjoy Heavy Issues as much as More Than Meets The Ink, although I'm already warning you, Cole is much more "complicated" than James...
    Elle Aycart

  5. I had my reservations about this book when I first read about it but now I'm adding it to my tbr list (:


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