Thursday, 17 May 2012

After Fifty review: Mystery Man by Kristen Ashley

Mystery Man
Dream Man #1
Kristen Ashley
Publication date: 12th July 2011

So, after I got over my initial WTF??? disbelief when I realised that heroine Gwen who after a one night stand with mystery man has allowed said mystery man to continue to creep into her bed at night for 18 months and has yet to ask him his name, yes really, I mean WTF? anyway I ended up swooning majorly over the mystery man too.

When Gwen’s bad girl younger sister disappears off the face of the earth owing some big time scary men a lot of money, Gwen finds herself involved up to her eyeballs in her sister’s mess. After charging over to the local biker’s shop which also happens to be the home of biker bad boy and all round biker head guy Tuck, Gwen finds herself very much at the attention of alpha male number one.

As a result, mystery man aka Cabe “Hawke” Delgado turns up for the first time during daylight hours to protect her. He's alpha male number two, and he and his "boys" have been keeping tabs (in a slightly protective/stalkerish way) on Gwen for the whole 18 months he’s been climbing in her window at night. Then guess what? alpha male number three good guy cop Mitch turns up and he also wants to check if Gwen's alright.

Yep, three gorgeous alpha males, a serious over use of the word “babe” a few drive by shootings, a kidnapping and serious amount of heart breakingly good moments Mystery Man is completely over the top but sooooo addictive. Major swoonage.

after fifty
After Fifty rating: an OTT 4 out of 5
A macho military history Thumbs up
Not one, not two but three alpha males Thumbs up

Protective streak that could probably be construed as a bit stalkerish  Thumbs up


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