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My book boyfriend Jaime from Wicked Game

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This weeks book boyfriend is Jaime from Mercy Celeste's raunchy but funny Wicked Game. Once childhood enemies, Cass finds herself having to take a rather well paid job as hotshot footballer Jaime Dalton's personal assistant. She tormented him at school, determined to beat him at absolutely everything and he secretly kind of liked it.

Cass is the only girl in Jaime's life who hasn't wanted his attention, she's super fiesty and not in the least bit interested in his football career. Their constant bickering is like foreplay and their sexual chemistry is off the scale. You can check out my review here I felt the need to give a special mention to Jaime's dirty phone calls which seriously made me laugh.

"You need a secretary."
"A personal assistant."
"And my name came up?"
"I thought I'd died and gone to heaven when April sent me over a photo of you." His gaze caressed Cass's body in a way that sent shivers down her spine. "Damn, Cass but you grew up in all the right places."
"And you're still an asshole."
"I'm a rich asshole, and I need an assistant to handle my business without trying to... er ... handle my business, if you catch my meaning." The smouldering gaze he continued to sweep her with belied that statement. "And I want you." 

"What happened to Mr. Dalton? I think since this is a business arrangement maybe we should stick to a more formal relationship in public."
"Well, we're not in public, we're in the back of a car. I can call you anything I want."
"I've been called a lot of things in the back of a car, but never "Mr. Dalton"" The lewd meaning behind his words didn't escape her. "Besides, Miss Pendleton, if we start now, there will be no slip-ups later."
"Lord forbid your people know we have a previous relationship. And since we are on the subject, will I be scheduling your private affairs as well? If so, pull over now and I'll walk home."
"Are you implying we have had a previous relationship? Please, don't flatter yourself. You were just the annoying girl I had to deal with every single day for thirteen years. We had no relationship. As for handling my privates, we'll just have to discuss that later as well."
"You are a pig Jaime..."
He wagged his finger at her. "Mr. Dalton."
"Fine. You are a pig, Mr Dalton."

She balled up her fist and punched his upper arm, regretting it instantly. "Ouch, Christ, that hurt."
"Yeah I guess you shouldn't have done that." He held up his arm and flexed it; the muscle beneath rippled into an even harder mass.
"You know, Jaime, I guess you have changed after all. You're an even bigger jerk than I remember."
"I'm Ironman, honey. I get to be a jerk if I want to."
"Oh fuck you."
"Only if you are very lucky or I am very drunk." Jaime opened the door to his sports car for her. "And I mean very, very drunk." 

"Right now, I'm going to die if you don't kiss me. Please Jaime, I've dreamed of your lips on mine every night, it seems."
"After you call me Lord Ironman."
"You are really incorrigible, you know that, right?"
"Sticks and stones, baby now call- You have to earn that kiss. Say it."
"Lord Ironman, please play tonsil hockey with me, just this one time. There, does that make you happy?"
"Ecstatic. Pucker up, baby I'm diving in."

Wicked Game is seriously hot and funny and Jaime or as he prefers to be known as, Lord Ironman, was absolutely to die for.


  1. "Pucker up, baby I'm diving in." Hah! I love that quote. He sounds like a cheesy hottie who is a closet sweety. Excellent combination!

  2. Lesley!! I love, love, love your new design! Isn't Staci amazing. Wow! I can't stop scrolling up and down to make sure I didn't miss anything. LOL

    I wonder how many drinks it takes to get Ironman very drunk. I wouldn't mind opening a tab for him. *giggles*

  3. I love it! Jaime sounds sexy and awesome! I'm on the lookout for new sports-themed romances and you always come through for me. Love the pics especially two...bad Jennifer...

    Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews

  4. I love the quotes so much, they had me cracking up! Jaime seems like someone I would drool over, I'm definitely going to put the book on my TBR list. The pictures are making me giggle :)

    My Book Boyfriend -

  5. This book sounds really good. I usually read YA, but I'll definitely check him, I mean it, out. haha

  6. Oh I like! Need to watch some rugby!

    Thanks so much for the shirtless pics! *drool*

  7. Oh Yummy! Between those pictures and quotes, I am absolutely swooning here! I am definitely, no doubt about it, reading this one very soon - thank you for sharing him! :)

    Here's mine:

  8. Hahaha! That last quotes was hilarious! I'll definitely have to check this book out!

    Here’s my book boyfriend for the week


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