Saturday, 12 May 2012

Special review: A Mum and her teenage son review Boy's Don't Cry by Malorie Blackman

Boys Don't Cry
Malorie Blackman
Publication date: 1st October 2010

Today's review has a little bit of a twist to it. After reading Malorie Blackman's Boys Don't Cry a young adult book which tells the story of teenage parenthood from the young dad's point of view, regular guest reviewer Pauline manged to persuade/ blackmail/ harrass her teenage son Declan into giving us a real teenagers point of view of Boys Don't Cry. Take it away Pauline...

From a Mum's point of view:

Dante is a 17-year old guy who has a plan - a solid and structured life plan - which involves going to university and a career in journalism.  However once he's answered the door bell that all disappears as he's suddenly left holding  the baby - a baby conceived in a drunken fumble and one which Dante didn't know existed!

This is a delightful slow paced story which has all the essential ingredients: love, loss and hope.  The characters were so convincing and at the end of the book I actually felt a little uplifted, because despite the many trials Dante and his family face they are a family.  If you're going on holiday this is a definite easy reader with a lovely moral - the writer is a perfect story teller.  And being the Mum of a teenage boy I saw the perfect opportunity to remind Declan of how easily life can be changed when consequences aren't considered, so I gave it to him to read........................

And now from a teenager's point of view:

When my Mum told me she had a book for me to read I did spend the few days after avoiding her, but given that the title was also the title of my favourite Cure song, I decided to give it a go and shake off Mum. 

I really enjoyed this book from the beginning, as I could relate to Dante and his situation as a teenage boy thrown into very adult responsibilities, and coping with the loss of his dreams in terms of university, friends and a full life.  The story lines within Dante's family were also really enjoyable and believable, and I loved the fact that it was not a traditional "happy ever after", but shows that a family stick together no matter what comes along.  And yes Mum, I got the message!

Thanks again to Declan (and his Mum!) for reading and reviewing Boys Don't Cry for me, I've got about a hundred other books for you both to read!!!


  1. Amazing!!! I adore this book. Think it was one of the firsts I really got and connected with in a very personal level. And I'm keeping it. Ans giving it to my son my older. I think this should be a book that everyone needs to read. One of my fave books ever. And I loved how we have a teenage boys review aswell. Fantastic job!!

    1. Lack of sleep + waking up to early = typos

      And** not Ans

      Is older** not my older.


    2. Thanks Siobhan, Declan did a great job didn't he? And his Mum isn't half bad either! Lol.

  2. Great review! I love the duel perspective! :-)

  3. I love seeing the point of view on this from a young man. Someone who can actually say if the book itself would seem realistic.
    Thanks for the great review.

  4. I loved this book and I'm very happy to see that a teenage boy enjoyed the story too, we don't hear enough of their thoughts!


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