Thursday, 7 June 2012

After Fifty review: Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley

Motorcycle Man
Dream Man #4
Kristen Ashley
Publication date: 22nd May 2012

"His arm around my waist tightened and I lifted my head just enough to see his sleepy, sexy already heated blue eyes on me.
"You need to get down to business,” I whispered and his eyes went from heated to hot.”
Then his arm locked around me. He rolled me to my back and he did what he needed to do, proving Elvira right. Biker boys know how to live".

Since meeting Tack in Mystery Man I’ve had a really soft spot for bad boy biker and all round alpha male king of the jungle Tack. Motorcycle Man had quick witted dialogue, a totally expected over use of the word “babe” and intensely hot sex scenes that alone deserved a five star rating.

Tack was completely grrrrrrrrr. To say he’s rough around the edges would be the understatement of the century but underneath the tattoos and gruff domineering exterior he’s all heart. He loves his kids and has their names tattooed near his heart. He also loves his woman and would do anything to protect her which is just as well as things never run smoothly in a Kristen Ashley book for the feisty heroine. I liked Tyra at first she really didn't seem like Tack’s type at all, she's smart, refined and likes yoga. But their chemistry was off the scale. I loved how Tyra thought Tack had brought colour into her world which he absolutely did, and I liked to think that she brought a little bit of class and real love into his every biker bad boy needs the love of a good woman after all.

Motorcycle Man sees the end of the Dream Man series, I thought it was really fitting to end with Tack he’s definitely my favourite alpha male of the series. I’m now really looking forward to the Chaos series that begins with Tabitha and Shy.

after fifty

After Fifty rating: 4.5 out of 5
Hot alpha male Thumbs up
Tattooed biker bad boy Thumbs up
Over use of the word “babe” Thumbs upThumbs up


  1. Apparently I need to read Kristen Ashley's books???

  2. Just finished motorcycle man and loved loved loved it. Don't know what to do with myself now...these guys totally own me! Where to go now...


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