Thursday, 14 June 2012

After Fifty review: Rough Ride by Keri Ford

Rough Ride
The Roughnecks #1
Keri Ford
Publication date: 6th May 2012

I found Rough Ride a little confusing despite the very non-complex story line. Lane and his two triplet brothers are working with their younger brother Grant helping him as he sets up home with his pregnant girlfriend. Lane is desperate to finish and move away as he has a family secret that he believes will destroy their close knit family unit.

Gretchen a young widow, is the owner of the trailer park Lane is staying at. Lane and Gretchen have been lusting after one another for a while but lane refuses to make a move as he knows he won’t be staying around. Talking into making a move by her two BFF’s Gretchen and Lane finally get together- it’s a pretty hot romance and they have serious chemistry together but Lane’s guilty family secret is weighing heavily on him.

This is the point of the story where I got a bit huh??? Lane leaves because he doesn’t have the guts to tell his brothers the family secret, and then comes back after his triplet siblings track him down but Gretchen has decided their relationship has ended. He wants her back, they get back together again but then she gets mad because he hasn’t told his youngest brother the family secret and ends the relationship again. He tells his youngest brother, she confronts him he says he’s not good enough for her, she agrees and then I think they got back together again but to be honest I’d kind of lost track/ interest by then. Waaaaaay too much she ends it/he ends it, for what was at times pretty bizarre reasons for my liking, especially since it was pretty obvious they were perfect for each other. Confusing and too exhausting to keep up with.

after fifty

After Fifty rating: A meh 3 out of 5.

Alpha male Thumbs down not really
Hot romance Thumbs upyes but hard to keep up with.

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  1. Sorry this quite work for you. Sounds like it's got the same issue I have with a lot rom-coms. The main couple always break up before the end of the movie only to get back on the final scene!!


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