Saturday, 2 June 2012

Mini review: Rock Chick by Kristen Ashley

I don’t always review every book I read mostly because I’m desperate to start the next book on my TBR pile and I don’t want to stop and write a review, I’m also very lazy, writing reviews takes brain power and effort and sometimes I just can’t be arsed! So here’s a little mini review (minimal brain power was used) of Rock Chick by Kristen Ashley:

Rock Chick
Rock Chick #1
Kristen Ashley

I love the never ending drama of Kristen Ashley’s books. The alpha male in Rock Chick Lee Nightingale made me sigh blissfully and the heroine Indy Savage was sassy, confident owned a book shop, liked Bon Jovi and dressed like a proper Rock Chick (think tight denim skirts, big belts and bigger hair). She managed to get shot at on a regular basis but shrugged it off with a flick of her rock chic hair. Rock Chick is the perfect escapist read, it’s bonkers mad, full of fun times and has a whole lotta lovin going on!

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