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Mini reviews: Something About Witches and In the Company of Witches and by Joey W. Hill


Something About Witches
Arcane Shot #1
Joey W. Hill
Publication date: 7th February 2012

I'm not one for starting reading existing series that already have a tonne of books available, the lazy part of me knows I'll never catch up so although I was aware Joey W. Hill had another really popular series about Vampires I thought this new Arcane Shot series would be the perfect opportunity for me to read some of her books. I like a bit of paranormal smut so I figured this series was prefect.

Something About Witches ticked all the boxes for me, it has a heroine Ruby who is a witch, the hero Derek is not only a powerful sorcerer, he's also an outright alpha male, he's strong and protective and they both have a history together. Something About Witches was just more than a bit of paranormal smut it actually tugged at my heartstrings in a way I never really expected. It's hard to explain without being very spoilerish but basically Ruby and Derek were in a relationship but whilst Derek was away dealing with the Fae something awful and heart breaking happened to Ruby, she then pushed him away using soul magic to shut herself off to him which meant that even a sorcerer of Derek's power couldn't find her for over three years.

Derek finally manages to track her down and needs her help to teach a coven of witches protect the border. It also gives him the perfect in road back into Ruby's life and finally find out why she felt she had to push him away.

I really enjoyed Something About Witches. Derek is powerful, protective and absolutely crush worthy. Ruby is no push over but her terrible experience has left her vulnerable. I absolutely understood why she did what she did, but at the same time recognised that her closed up feelings couldn't continue forever. I was desperate to see her be open and honest with Derek in the hope that it ultimately would help them both. Heart breaking stuff indeed.


In the Company of Witches
Arcane Shot #2
Joey W. Hill
Publication date: 1st May 2012

Two books in and I'm reading thinking of this as being one of my favourite new series. I was really looking forward to finding out how Joey W. Hill was going to make me like Mikhael the Dark Guardian, Mikhael was introduced in the first instalment as the on-off hook up of Ruby before Derek came back on the scene. He wasn't a particularly likable character and his hook ups with Ruby involved pain not love because that's what Ruby needed and wanted at the point in her life. I didn't have much hope for him as the next hero (and I'm not keen on his depiction on the cover either) but that all changed once I started reading.

Raina is one of Ruby's best friends, part witch part succubus she runs a bordello and acts as a sort of a surrogate mother to the various succubus who work for her. It's through her magic the young succubus can feed safely, Raina is powerful and focused but with a troubled history and busy life she doesn't exactly have much of a life outside her very close circle and has real issues trusting others.

A rogue young succubus who has stolen something from Lucifer and is being hunted by Dark Guardian Mikhael manages to get to Raina's property by the very skin of his teeth. Raina agrees to extend her protection to him in the hope she can get the necessary information from the succubus after allowing him a nights sleep and a meal. Mikhael who's plans involved torturing him to get the information is intrigued by Raina and promises to allow Raina to get the information her way but intends to stay in her bordello to provide Raina with extra protection knowing that it's not just Mikhael who is after the young succubus.

Mikhael and Raina's relationship was hot to say the least. Raina has real trust issues and was abused by a dominant male in the past but there's something about Mikhael that allows her to trust him and take the lead. Mikhael definitely softened around Raina which in turn made him much more likeable. Silly minor things such as buying and crushing nuts to add into her ice cream sundae because it's the way she likes it and taking time to speak to her young succubus staff and put them in ease was so at odds from what Mikael started out as. Equally, Raina changed with Mikhael in her life and not only in the bedroom.

I loved the steamy yet sweet romance. I loved all the action. I especially loved Mikhael and Derek having to work together- two alpha males battling to save a woman *le sigh* honestly this series has a bit of everything I can't wait for the next instalment.

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