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After Fifty review: Seducing Cinderella by Gina L. Maxwell

seducing cinderella
Seducing Cinderella
Gina L. Maxwell
Publication date: 20th July 2012

When I read that Gina L. Maxwell was inspired to write Seducing Cinderella after seeing a picture of the very gorgeous model Parker Hurley I knew she was a woman of great man candy taste and that I would LOVE her book. True fact.

I’m going to have to try really hard not to just write about how much I swooned and squeeeed and fell in love with Reid Andrews the successful mixed martial arts fighter with gorgeous hazel eyes, sexy tattoos, bad boy good looks and charm (you can see yesterday's book boyfriend post for full swooning and squeeeing). But I double dare you to read Seducing Cinderella and NOT fall for Reid.

Reid is a successful Mixed Martial Arts fighter recovering from a serious injury he needs to get fit in time for a rematch or his career will likely be over. His new physical therapist is Lucie Miller his best friends little sister who he hasn't seen for years. Lucie is really insecure, feels completely plain and boring and the Doctor (who incidentally is a complete arse) she's in love with doesn't even notice her. Reid makes a deal with Lucie that he will teach her how to get her Doctor's attention if she agrees to be his dedicated PT which will involve spending 24/7 with him.

Reid's Seduction 101 tactics were a little cheesy at times but set the scene for their romance as Reid slowly builds Lucie's confidence and shows that he's more than just a fighter he's also artistic, charming and oh so very seductive. It's not long before a quick peck on the cheek between friends turns into lingering looks, passionate kisses and sensual massages until they finally agree to have temporary no strings attached sex until Reid returns to reclaim his title and Lucie bags her Doctor.

The steam factor between Reid and Lucie is deliciously hot throughout but there's real emotion there too as Reid and Lucie's no strings relationship deepens into love. I loved the separate scenes in which Reid and then Lucie finally realise they have fallen in love but can't bring themselves to tell each other how they feel, both believing they're not good enough for each other. I also loved that for both of them it was not the usual fall in love and everything magically works out perfectly, there's still emotional baggage and practical issues conspiring against them and yes I was worried for them. It was agonisingly good.

Favourite quote:

"How was it possible for one man to be so many different things? Fighter, makeover expert, professional seducer, artist and now poet. A woman didn't a chance against a combination like that. He was nothing she'd thought she needed in a man, and yet everything she wanted and more."

after fiftyAfter Fifty rating: 4.5 out of 5
Hot alpha male Thumbs up
Bad boy good looks with tattoosThumbs up
Protective streak Thumbs up
Expert status in Seduction 101 (can teach others) Thumbs up
Talented sculptor Thumbs up

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  1. I just added this to my to be read list. Great review!


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