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My book boyfriend Nick from The Marriage Bargain by Jennifer Probst

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My book boyfriend this week is Billionaire (and hey who doesn't love a good billionaire) Nicholas Ryan from The Marriage Bargain by Jennifer Probst. Nick has to find a wife to inherit his late Uncle's fortune and realise his dream of creating beautiful buildings. He doesn't believe in everlasting love, marriage or family and needs a woman who will view their year long "relationship" as a business venture.

Alexa needs $150,000 to save her mother's home Tara. So just like Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With The Wind Alexa will do anything to save Tara including agreeing to marry her best friend Maggie's brother Nick her childhood frenemy.

I loved the verbal banter between Nick and Alexa, Nick teased Alexa loads as kids but she gave back just as good as she got and isn't afraid to do the same at their initial marriage negotiations:

"We have no time. The wedding has to take place by the end of next week. It doesn't matter if we get along. This is strictly a business arrangement."
She narrowed her eyes. "I see you're the same overbearing bully who teased me about my chest size. Some things don't change."
He focused his attention on the dip of her dress. "I guess you're right. Some things remain the same. Others keep expanding."
Her breath caught at the jab, but she surprised him when she smiled. "And other things remain small." Her pointed stare settled directly on the bulge in the center of his pants.

Alexa knows her large family would never forgive her for eloping so she brings him to her family home and re introduces him to her family as her fiance but her father is suspicious and protective:

"Do something, damn it! Prove to my father this will be a real marriage or-"
"Alexa?" The echo of her name drifted into the open door from the hall wall, her mother's gentle, concerned voice checking if they were okay.
"Your mother's coming," he said.
"I know- she probably heard us arguing. Do something!"
"Fine!" He grabbed her around the waist, dragged her body flush against his, and ducked his head. His lips crushed hers as his hands wrapped around her tightly so they were plastered against each other, hip to hip, thigh to thigh, breasts to chest.
She expected a precise, controlled kiss to calmly show her mother they were lovers. Instead she got hot testosterone and raw sexual energy. She got warm lips melded over hers. His teeth nipped. His tongue burrowed inside and plunged in and out with sheer command, bending her back over his arm to take every last drop of her resolve."

Alexa and Nick both start off with a solid list of what they are looking for in a partner and it's clear they couldn't possibly want each other but as the story unfolds they see different sides to each other, they argue and bicker but the sexual tension increases and things between them change:

"He caught her by the shoulders and tipped her chin up. Sensual tension swirled and crested. Her lips parted in unconscious invitation at his admission. "What?"
A savage glint appeared in the depths of tawny eyes. "Maybe I'm starting to appreciate things I can't have." He ran one finger roughly down her cheek. Traced her lower lip. Pressed his thumb over the sensitive center of flesh. "Maybe I'm starting to learn about wanting."

I'll be reviewing The Marriage Bargain as part of my "After Fifty" series, suffice to say I loved it (and gave it 5 out of 5).

You'll notice I didn't post any man candy pictures today I read a really alarming blogpost by author Roni Loren and until I know for sure what on earth is going on I won't be posting any pictures I don't have authority to use. Which kind of sucks big time because looking for pictures for book boyfriends is my favourite hobby of all time:(

Has anyone else heard of this? What's your take on it?


  1. HI Lesley! First off, thank you SO much for the wonderful excerpts and I am thrilled you loved the book. Second, I also read Roni's blog and I think she has everyone being extra cautious, for a very good reason. I did the same thing - took off any men from pinterest and now looking very carefully at what I post. Thanks again for the shoutout!

    1. Thanks Jennifer, I LOVED your book it was difficult limiting myself to 3 quotes it could've been 33!

  2. Lesley, looking for hot guy photos was my favorite pastime too. *longing sigh*

    Thanks for featuring this book. I've been curious about it because it keeps popping up on my Amazon Kindle recommendations. That first scene cracked me up! I love their banter! And that was one HOT kiss.

  3. I loved this book! I miss the smexy pics. *pouts*

  4. I haven't heard of this, but I am definitely interested! I love when characters try to make marriage into a business deal and then fall for each other. Its so much fun! I love the quotes you chose!

  5. Oooh this book sounds awesome! Definitely going on my TBR list! I can't wait for your review! :)

  6. Loved the quotes and this seemes like a great book(:

  7. Oh. My. Goodness! I seriously LOVE this guy! Those quotes definitely have me needing to read this right now. Thank you so much for sharing – Have a great weekend! :)

    Here's mine:


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