Sunday, 15 July 2012

New books and other stuff

Hi, hope you're having a great weekend.
The weather here in Scotland has been seriously rubbish- rain, rain and more rain
the kids can't even go out to play (which has seriosuly affected my reading plans).

I swapped a couple of books this week

Grave Memory by Kalayna Price
Goddess Interrupted by Aimee Carter
(for my friends daughter who loved The Goddess Test)
Devil's Kiss by Zoe Archer
(which I'm pretty sure I had and gave away before reading it - doh!)

I bought

Liquid Lies by Hanna Martine
(I've been dying to get my hands on this)

And look!

The bookmark gods have smiled upon me

My Aussie YA dealer and talented author C.J Duggan sent me signed bookmarks
for her soon to be released book The Boys of Summer

I also got this oh so amazing giant postcard from Jaci Burton.
I love her play by play series the covers are HAWT!

And Lily Crussell sent me some gorgeously colourful
bookmarks for her book Of Darkness and Light

In other news

I'm guinea pig sitting for 2 weeks.
Dougie and Yogi are brothers but seem to be very friendly.
And my 7 year old daughter has been asking a lot of questions...

And, I went to see Magic Mike with Emma from
We liked!


  1. You got Grave Memory on swap?? I'm jealous - I have it on pre-order and it's not turned up yet!!
    Lots of bookmarks - I'm jealous! :-)

  2. I ADORE guinea pigs :) I used to have two when I was younger.
    And great books! I've heard great things about Goddess Interrupted, but I haven't read it yet.

    My haul for this week is here if you'd like to have a look :)

    Happy reading!

  3. I also had grave memory last week, and I started it yesterday, can't wait to finish it. Happy reading!!

    here is mine

  4. Fab haul! Aw cute guinea pigs.

    And oh yeah we liked Magic Mike. :)

  5. So so cute, and fab books as usual, Lesley! :) I'm very curious about Liquid Lies, have been keeping an eye on this book for a while now :)) Enjoy all your reads!

  6. The Boys of Summer sounds delish! I also really want Jaci's book. I just entered something to win it. If I don't win, a friend is lending it to me. Looks fab!

  7. You received some awesome book goodies this that postcard!


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