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Review: Blade Song by J.C. Daniels

Blade Song
J.C. Daniels
Publication date: 1st August 2012

Blade Song is seriously good. And I mean seriously seriously good. Good enough that when it's published on the 1st of August you should ditch whatever book you're currently reading and read this instead. If you like Urban Fantasy that's gritty and exciting with shifter's, vampires, crazy humans and magic then Blade Song is the book for you. I was completely gripped right from the start.

Kit Colbana is part human, part Aneria, a dying warrior race. As as a half-breed Kit was subjected to beatings and tormented on a daily basis by her grandmother, and although Kit has survived she still suffers from reoccurring terrifying nightmares.

As a tough private investigator Kit has only one weakness- cases involving kids. So when Damon the Cat Clan of Florida's enforcer shows her a picture of a runaway kid called Doyle Kit finds herself roped into finding him. The kid however, is actually the nephew of the seriously crazy and dangerous Cat Alpha known as My Lady. Kit has two options she either finds the kid or dies, probably at the hands of Damon the enforcer on the command of My Lady.

I liked sword wielding Kit right from the offset, she may be half human but the half Aneria part of her is a tough warrior with magic. Kit's magic connects her to her sword and weapons sing to her, when in any kind of dangerous situation her sword will magically appear in her hand. Kit can also make herself disappear which is exceptionally helpful when faced with crazy cat alphas, shifter's and the seductive presence of Jude the vampire who has been invading her dreams. The slow burn between Kit and Damon was tortuously good. Initially Damon was firmly in asshole territory- he'd pretty much forced Kit into taking the case thus putting her firmly on the radar of My Lady. He also seriously scared her by threatening her and pinning her by the throat. Like Kit I didn't like or trust Damon at first and I couldn't see how he was ever going to redeem himself in her eyes but he slowly but surely moved into OMG he's all alpha, yummy and protective territory. As he started to get to know Kit and her background he deeply regretted threatening her and started to work with her rather than just be the hired muscle beside her.

I thoroughly enjoyed the fast paced story and was cheering for Kit and Damon to finally get it together. Blade Song's blend of action and romance was perfectly balanced. I really hope there's more books to come as I would definitely buy them. If you like the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews then you'll love Blade Song.

Favourite quote:

His eyes flashed.
He leaned in.
My brain damned near exploded as he caught my lower lip between his teeth and nipped me.
"Pretty little kitten, we don't have to be horizontal. Right like this is fine," he growled against my mouth. Then he shifted and whispered against my ear. "I decided quite some time ago that I wouldn't be killing you. It doesn't matter what the outcome of this job is. And anyone who tries is going to have to go through me. Nobody and nothing is going to hurt you as long as I'm around. Nobody hurts you when I'm around, you got me?

Thanks to Net galley for the opportunity to read and review Blade Song.


  1. OOOO, it definitely goes to my TBR! :) Reminds me of Kate Daniels somehow :) Great review, Lesley!

  2. I loved it, you NEED to read it:)


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