Monday, 23 July 2012

Review: Chaos Burning by Lauren Dane

chaos burning
Chaos Burning
Bound By Magick #2
Lauren Dane
Publication date: 5th June 2012

I'm not sure if Chaos Burning the second instalment of Lauren Dane's Bound by Magick could be read as a stand alone, I started it pretty much straight after finishing Heart Of Darkness so was familiar with the set up of Clan Owen and the threat that has been building. I'm a slave to a series order so I would recommend you read Heart of Darkness first.

Mages have been kidnapping witches, draining them of their powers and killing them, they seems to be organised and controlled by a seriously scary unknown entity. Clan Owen is now under the leadership of Meriel who has requested the assistance of Lark the hunter from Clan Gennessee who has more experience of training and protecting clan witches. Lark is colourful, smart, feisty and completely kick ass and is therefore not Simon the 600 year old Lycan wolf shifters type. He wears designer gear to work out whereas Lark shops in thrift stores, dyes her hair various colours and wears knitted socks on her arms.

Two things I really enjoyed about Chaos Burning- I loved that Lark and Simon were friends first, there's no instalove here (OK maybe a bit of insta lust but that's totally acceptable Simon is a good looking Lycan Prince after all) instead their relationship developed slowly, I still knew it was going to happen but it slow in a good way. Lark starts to open up to Simon about her strained relationship with her sister and he takes her to the other side of the Veil to meet his Lycan family. I also really liked that Simon respected Lark's kick-ass chick status whilst still remaining protective of her as all good alpha's should. Their partnership seemed very equal and that really worked for me.

So I loved the romance but I also loved all the action. The threat of the Magister had me seriously gnawing on my fingernails, it was intense and downright scary because it was never going to be defeated easily.

Scary stuff and hot romance what more could you possibly ask for? The Bound by Magick series is well worth a read and you have plenty of time as the third instalment Going Under isn't out until February 2013.




  1. I've only read one of Lauren Dane's books and that was Giving Chase (Chase Brothers #1) and I was Very underwhelmed with her writing then but I've heard this series is pretty good maybe I'll give it a try.
    Great review though :) It certainly sounds good and I like the cover!
    -Kimberly @ Turning The Pages

  2. I quite liked the Chase Brothers series :) But this series does sound really good.


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