Friday, 20 July 2012

Review: Heart of Darkness by Lauren Dane

10747637Heart of Darkness
Bound by Magick #1
Lauren Dane
Publication date: 1st Nov 2011

I love Lauren Dane's Brown Sibling's series which are seriously hot and full of drool worthy alpha males so when I saw that she had another newish paranormal romance series with drool worthy alpha males and witchy magic I knew I had to get reading.

Heart of Darkness wasn't quite what I expected, I was kind of worried the story was all over when Meriel met and fell for her bond mate Dominic pretty much at the start of the book. Thankfully though that was just the start of the real story.

Meriel was such a strong female character she's tough, organised, thoughtful, understanding and all out protective of her man, a powerful witch she's next in line to control Clan Owen, the largest group of witches in the country. Her bond mate Dominic is a complete alpha male, he owns a nightclub and has a real tough guy background. It was a nice twist to see the alpha male being the one under threat and that it was the strong female lead protecting him whilst teaching him more about his magic. I thought all the little story lines interconnected really well, from Meriel and Dominic's bonding and Meriel's ascension to power to Dominic's mysterious background. It all built up progressively to a real heightened sense of danger for not only Meriel and Dominic but for all witches and other supernaturals.

Overall Heart of Darkness was a great start to a series and made me immediately want to start reading the next instalment Chaos Burning. I need to know what happens next to Clan Owen.




  1. I like the sound of twist of the man being chased/learning about his magic rather than the woman! Makes a nice change! :-)

  2. This sounds like a really cool book!! Thinking about buying!!


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