Monday, 16 July 2012

Review:Ride With Me by Ruthie Knox

ride with me
Ride With Me
Ruthie Knox
Publication date: 13th Feb 2012

I never thought I'd enjoy a book with cycling in it, the last bike I was on was a BMX when I was about 14 and thought I wanted to marry Donnie from New Kids On the Block. Anyhooo.... Ride With Me is a road trip book on bikes and I really enjoyed it.

Tom's been a loner for five years, he's done with love, done with marriage and prefers his own company. He's about to cross the Trans America trail (I'm Scottish and have crap geography skills so I'd never heard of this but it's basically a famous cycling route from Portland Oregon to Yorktown and it's a fair distance!)

Tom's sister who worries about him travelling alone sets him up with a cycling partner Lexi who's pretty much Tom's opposite. Whereas Tom's surly and quiet Lexi is chatty and bubbly and enjoys talking to everyone she meets on their journey. Lexi's also super organised, has every cycling gadget imaginable and has their journey mapped out in detail. Tom for all that he's a loner likes to go with the flow and enjoy the journey making short detours to go to his favourite restaurants, he definitely doesn't cycle by the rule book. The chemistry between Tom and Lexi is undeniable which leads them into agreeing to have a sort of a relationship with the understanding it has an expiration date at the end of their journey.

I liked that their relationship didn't exactly run smoothly, they learn more about each other along the way and Tom starts to open up about his past which for Lexie explains why he cuts himself off from others. With her influence he stars to defrost a bit which makes into a much more considerate guy.
My only little niggle, and it's a tiny, tiny little niggle was the ending which seemed a little bit abrupt, I like to have a bit more time in my happy ever after endings or even better a little peak into their lives a couple of years later.

All in all, Ride With Me is an enjoyable, hot little contemporary romance. I liked it a lot.




  1. I just bought About Last Night because of you and now it looks like I'll have to get this one as well! Nice review!

  2. Looks like a good read; thanks for sharing :) I just found your blog and will def be following it from now on! I recently added some summer reading lists to my new blog if you want to take a look:
    Thanks again!


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