Thursday, 16 August 2012

After Fifty review: Seven Years to Sin by Sylvia Day

seven years to sinSeven Years To Sin
Sylvia Day
Publication date: 28th August 2012

Lady Jessica Sheffield on the eve of her wedding sees the very delectable Alistair Caulfield in a very compromising position with a married woman. Both horrified and a little inspired this leads Jess to have a very interesting conversation with her husband to be and their marriage goes on to be a very happy one.

Seven years later Jess is a very wealthy widow and is now the owner of a large property in Jamaica which borders property owned by Alistair who is now a wealthy businessman. Alistair has never quite forgotten Jess and as they both set sail to Jamaica free from all the polite expectations of normal society Alistair goes all out to seduce Jess.

I think I'm on a roll with historical romances right now, I couldn't put Seven Years to Sin down. I just loved how Sylvia Day was able to weave the tale of the growing passion between Jess and Alistair in with both their difficult upbringings, as well as the secondary but no less gripping changing story of Jess's sister Hester and Alistair's friend Michael. The complete transformation in the circumstances of the main characters in the seven years had me absolutely engrossed, Jess has always had to hide her true feelings, with a violent father and then with a very public (but happy) marriage so seeing Alistair unleash the true Jess in their six week journey to Jamaica was toe curlingly good. Although Alistair initially comes across a real love them and leave them type when he opens up to Jess about the situation of his birth and how he had to basically be a gigolo to survive and get on in life, I was ready to forgive him for anything. In the end I think they both saved and changed each other. My favourite part was at the ball when Alistair practically devours Jess with his eyes when he sees her in her beautiful red dress, I could just imagine them both focusing on each other with heated longing whilst everything around them fades into insignificance. And their journey home was just phew!

Fantastic story, amazing characters and some very sensual and erotic love scenes I highly recommend Seven Years to Sin.

after fifty
After Fifty rating:
Seductive and romantic male leadThumbs up
Exceptionally delicious sex scenesThumbs up
Fantastic story that leave you wanting moreThumbs up


  1. I'll admit, that I sort of want to read this, but sort of don't. I'm not huge into historical romances. I might give it a go at some point. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Historical romances are new to me too but I really enjoyed this one. I think I need to get back to my sports romances now though!


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