Thursday, 23 August 2012

After Fifty review: Wrong Bed, Right Guy by Katee Robert

wrong bed, right guyWrong Bed, Right Guy
Katee Robert
Publication date: 20th July 2012

Gabe Schultz is half asleep after crashing at his brother's place when a half naked Elle Walser climbs into bed beside him. Elle had planned to seduce her boss by climbing into his bed, once she realises Gabe isn't her boss Elle is horrified and runs off before Gabe can even get her name. Gabe however, is quite smitten with Elle who is not his usual type, and sets out to try to convince the very prim and proper Elle to see past his tattoos and occupation and give him a chance.

I love bad boy characters that underneath the tattoos and rough exterior are actually caring and considerate but still 100% alpha male cavemen so Wrong Bed, Right Guy is my kind of book. The characters Katee Robert created had me swooning one minute and enraged the next! Elle drove me mad from the outset, not withstanding her crazy plan to seduce her boss by sneaking into his bed, she was initially so judgemental about Gabe and a bit rude to him (she reminded me of those snobby sales assistants in Pretty Woman who took one look at Julia Robert's character and refused to serve her) I couldn't figure out what Gabe really saw in her at first.

Gabe was just to die for, a successful nightclub mogul with tattoos and muscles he was actually really sweet underneath. I laughed and swooned when he bought Elle flowers which caused her to have an allergic reaction and then drove like a maniac to get her anti allergy medicine and proceeded to fill his shopping basket full of chocolates and chicken soup to make her better. Elle is unable to help herself around Gabe, secretly liking his caveman tendencies so when he finally gets Elle into the bedroom their scenes were seriously scorching hot. I loved it.

Favourite line:
"Maybe you need some barbarian in your life."

after fifty
After Fifty rating: 4.5 out of 5
Bad boy alpha male who’s actually really sweet Thumbs up
Heroine that drove me insane Thumbs up
Scorching hot sex scenes Thumbs up


  1. Yet another book, I will have to get. I loved your quotes from BB for Gabe. He sounds delish!

    1. Oh he is Autumn! I've bought a couple of Entangled publishing's books recently they've all been super steamy and fantastic right up our street Autumn!


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