Sunday, 26 August 2012

New books and other stuff

Hello fellow book lovers!

Here's the books I got this week.

From Net Galley

I also bought some kindle bargains

Other stuff
 I've not had much time to read this week as I'm back at work but I plan to read a few of my kindle bargains and finish off my current read Shadow Sight by E.J. Stevens.

Current Giveaway
 I LOVED Hell on Wheels, with a cover like that what's not to love? 
Click here to enter.

Have a great week everybody.


  1. Omg.. AWESOME haul this week! :) Double Time & Slammed were AMAZING! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! Hell on Wheels sounds awesome too!

    Happy Reading! :)
    Tabby @Insightful Minds
    Check out my - Stacking the Shelves :)

  2. I've never seen that cover for "Throne of Glass". Looks good.

  3. I loved Throne of Glass - it was just a lot of fun! :-)
    WOrk does get in the way of reading...annoyingly!

  4. I haven't read any but heard great things about some of them, I hope you"ll enjoy them all. Happy reading!

    here is mine

  5. Considering all the amazing reviews I've read for it, I really need to get a copy of THRONE OF GLASS soon. I hope you'll like (and the rest of your awesome new books as well) - happy reading!

  6. Yay for Throne of Glass, Lesley! Also Slammed I've heard lots of good reviews about and I love the cover for A Night of Southern Comfort. Great character! Enjoy all your reads :)

  7. OMG Double Time was awesome! I was a hot mess that day I read it. I loved Slammed too! I get to meet Colleen Hoover next weekend!

    1. Ohhhhh JEALOUS!!!!

      I just finished Double Time it was mind blowing!!

  8. I picked up a copy of Throne of Glass this week that I am excited to dive into it! Also picked up Slammed from netgalley last week and have heard great things about it! I hope you enjoy!!! :)
    You can check out what books I got this week here!

  9. i am waiting to looking this all books...


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