Monday, 20 August 2012

Review: The Darkest Day by Britt Bury

The Darkest Day
Immortal Heat #1
Britt Bury
Publication date: 1st July 2012

Kelvin Kerr the Pookah warrior has spent a thousand years avenging his father's brutal death at the hands of the Campbell clan by eliminating every male Campbell descendant and fully intends to kill the last remaining Campbell.

Izel Campbell is the last Campbell, raised to believe she's an immortal Fionn her powers have been cloaked for 25 years by her grandfather. When visiting her Scottish ancestral home she is captured by Kelvin which results in her powers finally being unleashed. Not only is Izel the last human (and therefore a very rare and tasty treat to nearly everyone) by the way of her mother she's also part ancient Aztec as her mother was the Aztec Queen. It has been prophesied that Izel's fate has been etched by the Dryads since birth that she will have realm defying powers.

As Izel's powers are unleashed Kelvin realises not only is she human but that she is his fated mate and now every fibre of Kelvin's entire being is telling him he must protect his mate who just happens to be his clan's sworn enemy.

There's a lot going on in The Darkest Day and I ended up having to keep little notes to keep myself on track, I struggled initially to get my head around all the world building (there's a glossary at the end but I didn't realise until the end of the book!) Essentially the story was about Kelvin's conflicted emotions towards Izel. He doesn't want to pledge his immortal life to a human but as his destined mate it's almost as if he has no choice in the matter. He feels a deep rooted need to protect someone who's his sworn enemy, an enemy he has been fighting against for a thousand years. At times I actually felt sorry for the gruff warrior, revenge had been keeping him going all these years and he felt he had betrayed his clan and his father's memory by not killing Izel.

Overall it was a good start to a new series but I liked it rather than loved it. I know sometimes the first book in a series can seem slower (and a tad confusing) as I wrap my brain around all the world building so I would still like to check out the next book in the series. I'm interested to see what Kelvin's brother Ian's story will be and if the demon princess Sierra will play any part in it.



  1. Nice review :) Still sounds like something i would be interested in and i agree about first books, sometimes they are bogged down with the world building and 'getting to know you' parts when you wish for action!

    1. I usually try the second book in a series before I decide to give up, I liked this one enough to give the next one a go to.


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