Friday, 10 August 2012

Review: Hell on Wheels by Julie Ann Walker

Hell on wheelsHell on Wheels
Black Knights, Inc. #1
Julie Ann Walker
Publication date: 7th August 2012

Nate "Ghost" Weller and best friend Griggs are part of an elite group of ex-military specialists the Black Knights Inc. Captured and tortured for days only Nate survives and he has the terrible task of telling Griggs family of his death without going into the specifics.

Nate has been in love with Grigg's younger sister Ali since forever but warned off by Griggs and now feeling horrendously guilty about his friends death Nate always acts solemn and aloof around Ali apart from one brief moment when they were both consumed by grief.

When kindergarten teacher Ali finds herself in trouble after being followed and then mugged she turns up at the gates of Black Knights Inc to ask Nate for help. It becomes obvious to Ali that Black Knights Inc is not a fancy garage as her brother and Nate had previously told her, knowing Nate and her brother have been involved in something she seeks to find not only the truth about her brothers death but finally resolve her feelings for Nate.

I absolutely loved Hell on Wheels it's my kind of story with a deliciously tortured hero and slow burning heat that simmered on each page. Nate is known as the Ice man he's always cool and collected and never shows his emotions. Ali when faced with Nate's wall of silence has a tendency to blab extensively getting herself more embarrassed she has no idea that underneath Nate's calm exterior he's actually having to try really hard to keep his emotions in check when around her, he definitely has the protective alpha male vibe about him in Ali's presence. I quite liked Ali, she has the worst constitution ever and throws up when faced with blood and moments of extreme stress I could absolutely relate to that as I'm equally as squeamish.

Whilst I loved the hot romance I also loved the action, political intrigue and mystery of why Ali was being targeted. Hell on Wheels also did a fine job of setting out other potential characters for the series I loved the small glimpses of the Black Knight's boss Frank and the wise cracking and mischevious Becky there was real sparks there and I was excited to see their book In Rides Trouble is next.

If you are a fan of Lora Leigh's Elite Op's or Tempting SEAL's series then you should check out Hell on Wheels.


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  1. Sounds interesting.Tortured hero , romance and some action:D

    I'll add it in my TBL :D


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