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After Fifty review: The Mighty Storm by Samantha Towle

The Mighty StormThe Mighty Storm
Samantha Towle
Publication date: 24th August 2012

"Look at me," he says, firmly.
I pull my eyes to his.
"Don't go to him, Tru, please."
I sigh. "I'm sorry ... I have to"
He rubs his thumb gently over my skin. I'm lost to his touch again. I close my eyes, revelling in the feel of his skin on mine.
"You don't have to. Just go out there and tell him the truth, baby," he says, voice low, soft. "Tell him you're with me now ... then we can get out of here. Just you and me. We can go anywhere in the world you want."

I'm not entirely sure it's possible to explain the array of emotions I went through reading The Mighty Storm by Samantha Towle, I had to physically put my kindle down on two occasions in a kind of I'm so desperate to read it but I can't stand the tension kind of way. It really is a roller coaster of a book filled with tension and apprehension galore, guilt, lust, jealousy, love, regret and fear and very very worthy of a 5 out of 5 rating.

Jake is the lead singer and all round brains behind the most famous group in the world The Mighty Storm, he's a tattooed bad boy rock star with a reputation as an all out womaniser. Tru is sent by the magazine she works for to interview him not knowing if Jake will still recognise her. Best friends up until the age of fourteen when Jake left the UK for the US, Jake is the boy Tru has always loved and although she's followed his career since he became famous she's never got back in touch with him after he stopped replied to her letters and broke her heart as a teenager.

When Jake realises its his girl Tru that he loved as a teenager coming to interview him he sets out to ensure he doesn't loose her again. The chemistry between Tru and Jake is as hot as hell, at the start they dance around each other never admitting how they felt about each other as teenagers. However, there is one enormous problem Tru already has a boyfriend Will, a nice guy that she actually loves.

I thought It would be pretty cut and dry when I read The Mighty Storm, I don't like cheaters and I never sympathise with a character who cheats. I still don't, but there was just something about the whole story that had me thinking differently. Tru is so swept up in Jake and not in a kind of he's a rich rock star and I'm off to the shops to spend all his money kind of way. He's the boy she's wanted for over a decade, he's as sexy as hell, has a magnetic personality and wants her so bad. Yes, she knows what's she's doing is wrong, she knows that she's throwing away everything she had with Will for him but when he tells her "It's always been you, Tru. Always" she wants so much to believe him. I really felt for Jake too, yes he has a reputation of a ladies man but he does love Tru and wants her to finish with her boyfriend so that he can tell the world she's his. At the start Tru doesn't know if the thing with Jake is just a one off, she knows he's a womaniser and has no idea why he would want her. When she realises that Jake wants her she prolongs the agony by deciding she will tell Will it's over but she has to do it face to face because he deserves better. Her twisted logic is that she's doing the respectful and right thing by Will but is she really?

I was absolutely enthralled by The Mighty Storm, it never went down the predictable route and when I thought I was going to finally get my HEA it took me back on that roller coaster again. You have to read it, but you'll have to lock yourself away for a few hours because I guarantee you won't want to put it down.

after fifty
After Fifty rating: An EPIC 5 out of 5

Hot tattooed rock star Thumbs upThumbs up
Couple chemistry Thumbs upThumbs up
Drama and make up sex Thumbs up
Guilt, lust, love and tension Thumbs up


  1. Great review!
    My sister is trying to get me to read this and whilst it's tempting I'm unsure about the 'cheating' too, I might get round to it :)

    1. Mel you crossed my mind when I was reading it as I know you don't like cheating in books. I loved it and the whole cheating bit was dealt with so well, it genuinely did make me think differently.

  2. Sounds great! Interesting how some books, if they are written in the right way, make you enjoy reading bout things you don't usually condone. I like that kind of surprises.

    1. Me too Pepca, I haven't found it much in contemporary romance lately so this was a really pleasant surprise.

  3. Replies
    1. I think you would love it Autumn, ditch your review books and read this instead!

  4. really really good read and lumb falls well

  5. It's a great book I usually read about vampires, wolves or witches but when I came across this book I decieded why not and I"M IN LOVE with this book Ive read it twice, and I want more I love the end how they give Jake's view I want a whole book of his view of things its so different!!

    1. I would love a whole book from Jake's POV too!

  6. One of my most favorite books ever!! It has the intrigue, the romance, the drama, and the bad boy with the girl next door that give great romantic scenes for us. I great read with amazing music references that have me obsessing over and over again for each re-read. Without a doubt my ultimate favorite!


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