Thursday, 27 September 2012

After Fifty Review: Taken by Kelli Maine

Kelli Maine
Publication date: August 2012
Reviewed by Kristi

Where to start with this book? Let me preface by saying, I am brand spanking new to the whole kidnapping concept and I honestly wasn't too sure how I was going to feel about it. However, once I got there, it's all good! The whole premise of being kidnapped scares me to death. But when you throw in a hot man that really just wants to give me everything in the world including himself, I may just be okay!

Rachael DeSalvo is our leading lady. She is pure vanilla without a doubt. She is one of those gals who takes care of everyone else. Her wants/needs are constantly being pushed to the side. She turns down a fantastic job with Rocha Enterprises because she can't leave her mom alone. Rachael's father has passed and her mom has become dependent on her. There are points in this book where Rachael's character is tough and stands strong. Then there were times when I was screaming at her because she was just too flaky!

Enter Merrick Rocha, a sexy misunderstood billionaire. This dude has some serious issues. He is a obviously a bad boy to a certain degree, but not in the typical sense. Granted, it's not cool to kidnap chicks just because they turn down your job proposal, he is a conflicted man. He reminds me of someone that is so brilliant in the business world, but the everyday common sense stuff just seems to escape him.

Merrick really can't understand why Rachael turned down the job to renovate a hotel and private island that he owns. Let the stalking begin. He watches and learns about Rachael's daily life. Merrick is the type that his money has gotten him everything, but it didn't get him Rachael. The kidnapping is really a very small part to the book, so don't let it sway you not to read it! The relationship that follows is mind-blowing. Their daily interactions and then of course the sexual tension - HOT!!! How can there be sexual tension with some random guy that kidnaps you? Believe me it's there and well done!

I loved this book! And seriously, I am shocked about it. I stayed up late to read just because there was never a good stopping point. Every time I thought, I am going to turn my Kindle off and go to bed, that little switch just magically turned back on! This book was a definite winner for me.

After Fifty rating: 5/5 for sure!
Misunderstood billionaire with emotional baggage
Sexual tension GALORE


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