Wednesday, 19 September 2012

My book boyfriend: Nathianiel from Taming the Tycoon by Amy Andrews

Hi everyone welcome to another week of book boyfriends co hosted by yours truly whilst Missie is studying hard for her final semester of school.

Taming the Tycoon by Amy Andrews is another one of those delicious little kindle bargains that I'm powerless to resist. Nathaniel Montgomery is a workaholic property developer one deal away from becoming a billionaire. First though he has to bulldoze St. Agnes's Victorian rose garden and get out of the pink and fluffy handcuffs he finds himself attached to at a local protest. When the heroine Addie Collins's handcuff publicity stunts goes a little bit haywire and results in Nate ending up in hospital Addie decides she wants to help "the evil tycoon" who also happens to be smoking hot see what's really important in life. Can Nate possibly sacrifice ambition for love? 
Taming the Tycoon had me laughing, crying (near the end I was wiping the tears away!) and had some very spicy scenes to keep the adrenaline running. Here's some quotes: 
 I loved Addie's first glimpse of Nate:
"Addie Collins lost her breath for a moment. "Is it wrong to lust after Evil Tycoon?" she whispered to her fellow protest organizer, Penelope of the loudspeaker.
Penny looked down at her friend, outraged. "Yes," she hissed.
Yes. Right. Of course. But he looked utterly magnificent. Like a feudal prince looking down his patrician nose upon his serfs. Which really should have annoyed her. But somehow, pulled her into the sticky web of his very tangible charisma, it didn't."
Her publicity stunt was hilarious: 
"He raised a haughty eyebrow at her. "Fluffy pink handcuffs? Seriously?"
Addie could hear the derision lacing his voice despite the noise around them. She stood her ground. "Worried pink trim will ruin your image?"
"Not at all." He shook his head. "Are they yours?"
The suggestive tone in his voice slipped down her spine like a bead of warm water. She shrugged, trying to be nonchalant and pretend she wasn't locked into a set of sex-shop handcuffs with the devil personified. "Well that's for me to know and you to find out."
"Indeed," he murmured, his voice low. "And trust me in private I'm sure you and I could have a lot of fun with these. But now that you've had your moment in the sun and have your front-page story for the morning tabloids, could you please unlock me?"
Addie agrees to attend his grandmother's birthday weekend as his pretend girlfriend to placate his mum and gran who are desperate for him to settle down. They end up sharing a bed and the whole pretend boyfriend/girlfriend thing gets a little out of hand:
She opened her eyes to his husky question, gratified to see the clench of his jaw, the strain in his neck muscles, his hands gripping the sheet beside him.
"Are you drunk?" he asked.
She rocked into him, meshing her gaze with his and smiled. "Just drunk enough to be very, very easy."
Nathaniel gave a half laugh. "Having sex with a fake girlfriend would be very..." She watched his eyes shut as she ground down hard. "Very bad," he muttered, opening his eyes again

I gave Taming the Tycoon 5 out of 5 my  review will be up tomorrow. I totally fell in love with the characters and bawled my eyes out towards the end. You guys need to read it.
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  1. He sounds like he needs to be taught a lesson in love. Seems like Addie is up for the job! The pink handcuffs intrigue me!

    1. He definetly needed a lesson in love, I love a good aloof billionaire who needs a heroine in his life:)

  2. Haha I love the pink fluffy handcuffs. That's great. I love that second quote. Sounds like an interesting book :)

    1. It's the perfect mix of steamy, funny and touching I loved it!

  3. Replies
    1. I think you'd like it Autumn it's VERY hot and tasty!

  4. Ooh this looks like a saucy read! I'd like to tame that tycoon.

  5. Great pick this week!

    Sorry I missed last week!

  6. I missed you last week Amy, I'm so glad your back with another delicious book boyfriend:)

  7. His character sure does seem intriguing, it seems like a relationship with steamy chemistry.

    "Fluffy pink handcuffs?" - loved this line!

  8. Hey thanks My Keeper Shelf! So happy you fell in love with Nathaniel. I had a ball creating him. And then putting him at the mercy of Addie :-)


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