Wednesday, 5 September 2012

My very British vintage book boyfriend: William from Chloe by Freya North

Welcome to another week of My Book Boyfriend hosted by little old me whilst the amazing Missie @ The Unread Reader is busy with her final year of school.

I found my old copy of Chloe by Freya North whilst tidying out one of my book cases, I haven't read it for years but when I saw it, tonnes of memories of William the talented and gorgeous potter came flooding back so this week's book boyfriend is a bit of a British vintage chick-lit one.

After losing her beloved godmother Jocelyn Chloe finds a letter from Jocelyn instructing her to give up her crappy job and boring boyfriend and travel to the four countries of the United Kingdom during the four seasons of the year. It's in her last visit to Cornwall that Chloe finds William and finally feels she is able to move on out of her godmother's shadow.  

Some William facts:
He's a potter, he lives in a cottage at Peregrine's Gully beside the sea in Cornwall, England. He has a goat called Barbara (random fact I know!)

"William's face nears Chloe's, the sun is blocked yet her beauty is not compromised. Eyes are open; they press their lips against each other and the relief that courses through William mixes with the delight that fills Chloe. They are saturated with emotion and share it at once. Soft lips lightly against each other, the sensation of another's breath on the skin, eyes so close that focus goes, cold noses touching. Instinctively, the kiss changes from one of tenderness to one of passion and, opening their mouths, they gorge themselves on each other's taste".

"William steps towards her, she turns her gaze back to the basin. Slowly, he approaches. Her breathing is fast but silent. He's here. Behind her, William presses his body very gently against hers, encircling her waist with his dream -worthy forearms, brushing the side of her neck with his nose, tasting the tip of her ear lobe with his tongue."

"Does that make us a pair?" William laughed. Chloe considered this.
"Yes" she declared, nodding and clutching her hands in triumph, "we match."
"Does that mean we're a couple, then?" asked William quietly, walking over to her and taking her hands in his.
"Yes," Chloe proclaimed, squeezing his fingers and taking them to her lips, "it does."
William lunged for her with a barrage of kisses. She retaliated with a deluge of her own. They stopped, slightly breathless, their eyes hazed, their senses ablaze.
"I-" William began, stroking her neck and then kissing it. Chloe did not mind that his sentence remained unfinished. She touched his ear lobe very gently and then stood on her tiptoes to kiss it.
"Make love to me" she whispered aloud for the first time ever, her words coming as naturally to her as the notion.

I remember thinking this book was quite racy (I was quite young when I read it!) and I had a huge bookish crush on William. When I read it now I just think it's so sweet and soooooo very British it honestly makes me laugh.

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  1. I love going back and revisiting those fictional boys that captured me heart way-back-when, too! Thanks for sharing about William & his kisses! (back in the day, that would have pegged my racy-o-meter, too!)

    Check out my book boyfriend this week: Garr Wulfrith from Tamara Leigh's THE UNVEILED.

    Thanks again for hosting, Lesley!

  2. *swoon* William is definitely going on my TBR list!

  3. Those were sweet! I used to read Danielle Steele books as a kid and thought those were racy too. I can't imagine reading something like that now. LOL

  4. Awwww! William sounds so romantic. It's funny how the racy books we read as youngsters now seem tame compared to what we read now.

    I once visited London, but I didn't meet my dream Englishman. I need to go back. LOL

  5. Wow, I am definitely putting this book on my TBR list. William seems like such a sweet and fabulous guy. That quote is swoon worthy to the max!

  6. William seems so sweet! I've never heard of this, but I may check it out. I love re-discovering great books when cleaning out bookshelves.

  7. Awwm William seems great! Great choice. :)

  8. Totally love your blog! I wonder who the designer is? I checked at the bottom of the page but didn't see the credits. Done by yourself? I only ask because I'm looking for a blog designer to fix mine.

    Anyways, following you now. Filling out the help wanted form.


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